December Happenings

Meeting up with some Circle friends for dinner in Decatur… Bailie was in town with her daughter for a cheer competition so Payal, Cam and I met her for dinner — it was nice to hang out and chit chat about life… i love my friends!



Then a white elephant present swap with some ADPi friends for Christmas… and Katie having her third ANY day now… and Jess had her 2nd around Summer’s birth and Bunnsy is pregnant with her second… it’s a baby making posse!


And my lovely legs post-varicose vein surgery… it sucked. And I’m still bruised and it’s been a month of recovery… and of course at the end of the repair I was going to get the spider vein treatments, but of course, I can’t have those done because the medication can cause birth defects.. and since I’m breastfeeding, that’s a NO GO. Dangit! The one part that was actually going to make my legs look better … and I can’t have it done! At least the pain has reduced.. but yeah, still looks  like old lady legs.


My big Grace helping to feed her baby Summer…



Gingerbread House making given to me from my patient’s daughter who loves to see pics of the kids fighting over icing 🙂 img_5927

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More Weart happenings…

Little baby Summer has cut her first and second tooth…  making nights awesome and her diaper rash even awesomer 😦  Asher has moved to a big boy bed (still with pull ups) and has been getting up with the crack of dawn but we have him locked in with the child safety lock with the door to keep him contained. It has been a chore, Asher is a chore….but well worth the chore. Seeing that sweet boy sleeping in that huge bed makes me sad he’s growing up so fast…the days are long, but the years are quick. img_5875 img_5881 img_5885b img_5889

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Christmas Memories with Grandma and Grandpa

We started off the Christmas season with a visit to Grandma and Grandpa. The girls got to decorate the tree with my old decorations and some sparkly new ones. Then decorating a cookie cake with A LOT of icing and sprinkles. Asher woke up from his nap and joined us for a game of Bean Boozled with Grandma’s face saying it all! Summer got her first tooth (followed quickly by her second tooth) but still had lots of smiles to share with the family.



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Sigma Nu Christmas Celebration

Nothing like getting 8 couples and 20 kids together for a little Christmas party… yep, there were 20 kids there – YIKES!! Our little group has grown quite a bit! Thanks to Lilli and Chris for hosting all of us at their house. A Christmas liquor swap with some crazy drinks (marijuana vodka, tooter shooters, etc) and even crazier boys catching up on life after college. Lucky to have all these families in our lives. Thanks be to God.


img_5806b img_5816b

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Happenings lately…

My little boy would have been such a cute little girl – and yes, he wanted this ‘band’ in like his sisters.


My first born Moby got into a riff with a coyote apparently. I let him out the front door with me when I was setting up Christmas lights out front (even though Adam told me not to). He ran away chasing something like normal – usually critters like birds and there’s a cat that stays out there sometimes. So about 20 min later he scratches the door and I let him in. He is normal, not limping, no blood (noticeable) and he runs and gets in bed with us just like normal. Then around 4 am I get a wake up lean from him and he’s wimpering so I take him in and hold him and feel some wetness and matting and ask Adam to turn on the lights and finally see the holes. So we wrap him up enough to get back to bed and then called the vet in the morning and take him in – thinking it was just some scratches and only 3 of them… when in actuality it was like 7 wound and 3 were really deep so they had to put the drains in to let them drain blood (all over my house and comforter). So he’s doing better now, finished his antibiotics and now not needing pain medication – but still the cone of shame and he keeps running into children, doorways, etc with that stupid thing. I feel so bad… he could’ve died! And I just gotta give him props… he is a badass! He wasn’t limping or anything when he came in the house – and the vet finally said for the time of night and the wounds and location – it was a coyote. No more out front for him… sticking to the fenced in yard in the back now. Poor baby dog!


We all now get to eat dinner together at the table!


Mommy and Moby with matching left leg bandages. I had my varicose vein procedure…one of many.


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Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

I gotta tell you one thing both Thanksgivings had in common… they didn’t want us over there early! We used to get invited over for an all-day event…now it’s, “well, come over after breakfast…or around noon.” haha, I guess expanding the family has it’s overwhelming affect on people! So we started off at my parent’s house on Thanksgiving Thursday. I didn’t have to cook or clean a thing (nor did I offer) so Thanks MOM and DAD! We ate a great meal and Summer tried her first solid food – avacado (which she wasn’t hating nor loving), and then after the Vikings lost we rode the golf cart up to the playground to give my parents a break… came home and hyped the sqwearts up on sugar playing Bean Boozled and continued playing outside – it was like 70 degrees out! We finally let the old people rest and took all the little ones home to bed.

Friday, we went to go get our family Christmas tree – but we are doing things a little different. Normally we alternate getting a potted tree or cutting down a tree… this year we bought 5 potted trees: one per child, and then a family tree…all with ulterior motives: to get some landscaping trees in the ground. The trees can’t be inside too long so they will remain outside until it’s closer to Christmas (but by then, there might be too many bugs in them…so we shall see).

Saturday, heading to my in-laws house at noon to begin watching the GT vs UGA game per tradition…but this year we actually WON! That rarely happens so an added bonus to my day! Sqwearts all played nice most of the day with their cousins and family and we ate a huge turkey and all the trimmings with sqwearts literally sitting on the dining room table next to us and taking up the kitchen table too. The dogs all got spoiled by the leftover turkey and the Weart men played games throughout the day. We celebrated Ya-Ya and Uncle Ben and Uncle Zach’s birthday with their gifts… but would later celebrate on Sunday.

Sunday, after church we went to see Santa with cousins Emma and Tyler per usual. Grace wants a mini Christmas tree, some Legos and a bouncy house, Lila wants a light-up trampoline (which Santa looked at me, like… what???) and Asher made sure he asked for CANDY! We went right after church so prepared for the wait with donuts and grapes, but Santa didn’t get there till noon, so by the time we got to see Santa, the kiddos were going nuts! But, they looked good thanks to Aunt Jen and we made it through – successfully giving Santa their lists…well, maybe not Summer.

20161127120716_001_1 20161127121028_001_1

Then it was off to Top Golf to celebrate all the Weart birthdays (thanks to Miss Nancy for watching all the kids so we could go out with just adults). It was a nice time to get away and eat and drink and hit some balls! I am not good at golf… the ball is just too small… but it was fun to try!

img_5741 img_5734


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My big birthday girl

My big birthday girl, Grace, turned 6 today… She had her mommy and daddy come to her school for snacks to celebrate an early birthday since hers is during Thanksgiving break. She had cousin Emma come over and spend the night on Friday night and stay until the family birthday party on Saturday. It was a great day to celebrate this big girl! She asked for a few things: a microphone like Sid the Science Kid, school stuff, legos, a laser pointer like her teacher, and a pinata that you hit with a bat… and of course a cake – this time, a strawberry one! She got everything she wanted…and more, of course – there were so many people that spoiled her. She might not have reacted like she loved it, since she doesn’t like to be center of attention (nothing like her mother and father), but she enjoyed the love that she felt and she loved that she “won” the pinata (with the help of Daddy, but she doesn’t need to know that for now). I mean, even Uncle Ben couldn’t smash it up… those things are like rocks! Grace is definitly turning into a big girl… the attitude is starting, but the sweet little girl will always be there. She is so considerate and willing to share anything with anyone anytime… she is helpful and patient (to some extent and not really with Lila), loving and sweet especially with the younger sqwearts… Asher knows that when he needs someone to feel sorry for him or give him attention – he goes to Grace! She is reading really well, and writing better every day. Grace is really good at math and loves having friends… Makayla (neighbor and classmate), Jayden (met in Kindercamp and at church), Tammy (classmate) and of course cousin Emma are her besties… but the one person she loves the most is also the person she dislikes the most at times too – little sister Lila. They fight hard, but they love hard… they play really well together 70% of the time – especially since Grace started to like playing school and Lila loves the attention they give her as a “student” so it’s been working out well! I know one day they will really like having each other, even if it’s when they are 30 like it took Aunt Dawn and I to get to be friends… it’ll happen. For now though, they are pretty close.

All the people that came to celebrate our 6 year old daughter.


When she first saw her new desks given to us by Uncle Frank. We finally took out the Barbie house she didn’t play with and added these… this was her reaction!

Birthday girl photos from school and the party at our house:

And Grace designed her own birthday shirt this year – putting on the shirt what she wanted the most, and then changing the colors to what she wanted when the first colors were not what she wanted…and the font of her name – her dad should be so proud! (since he’s a designer he goes through like 3000 fonts all the time for marketing purposes)

Height: 45 in (aka 3ft, 9 in) – about 40th percentile, Weight: 42 lbs 8oz – about 35th percentile

Grace got a special day with Ya Ya at American Girl Cafe… and shopping at the mall… some girl time with her Ya Ya! Ya Ya knows how to make a big girl feel special.

2016-11-13-12-58-29 2016-11-13-12-46-27 2016-11-13-12-27-51

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Little Lila’s Thanksgiving program

Nothing like little Lila being a turkey for her school’s performance. I got to see her yawn, try to pluck out the feathers on her head piece, pick her nose and sometimes attempt to sing the words to the songs during her schools program. It was truly Lila! At least she didn’t run off stage like she did last year… but instead stayed on stage and was completely herself… enjoying NOT sharing the attention and spotlight from everyone she loves and holds dear to her heart!img_5382

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Grace learning to ride her bike without training wheels!

Learning to ride a bike after the training wheels fell off – that was the best mistake that could have happened… one of the wheels fell off and we just didn’t put it back on. She is learning fast…still not ready to go about it alone, but learning bit by bit. Proud of her for finally being brave enough to tackle the big girl bike… even if it is with Daddy’s help for now… I think Daddy is A-Ok with having his little girl need his help for a little while longer.

And some cute photos of SumSum and AshMan.


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Grandma’s 70th birthday in style!

Well, my mom turned 70 and we had to go big or go home! It all started Thursday… she and Dad babysit Asher and Summer and during their nap times Dad was sent out to “get something for my mom for her birthday.” Well 2 1/2 hours later my dad returned with Dawn from her flight. We met up for dinner that night at Tam’s Backstage and had an awesome kid-free birthday night out. Adam and I have a deal, since I was pregnant or breastfeeding for like 5 years, I get 10 years of drinking whenever I want to… so I used it this night! Steaks, drinks, dessert and lots of laughter!

Friday comes rolling around and little to my mom’s knowledge, Adam took off work so he could watch the sqwearts while I ran around getting ready for the weekend with Dad. With the help of Dad’s wallet, we had planned some local ladies to come up to Dahlonega for the weekend and do a wine weekend to celebrate my mom’s 70th birthday. So after getting the food, the decorations and of course the cake at Publix, I set out to pick up all the ladies from the house we rented for the weekend. We surprised my mom at Backporch Oyster Bar in Dahlonega square with some of her friends and some of her family. It was awesome – I think she was actually surprised! We had a fabulous dinner – with the whole tab on Dad – so if they liked a bottle of wine, I ordered 2 more. It is SO easy to be generous with someone else’s money! Hahaha! But Adam brought up the sqwearts and even though they didn’t stay long, mom was happy to have them there and they were happy to participate in eating the cake! So after a lovely dinner I took them all back to the house and they opened presents and talked and enjoyed the night.

Saturday AM comes and Dad takes Dawn and I to the house and we cook breakfast for the ladies – we gotta get them to eat because there is a lot of wine drinking in their future! An omelet and waffle bar – delicious and nutritious! Then the limo driver gets there at 10:30 and we head out to the first vineyard. Some of the women had never been in a limousine, some had never been to a winery… so it was awesome to not only surprise my mom and give her a treat, but to also give her friends an experience they had never had. So first a tasting at Cavender Creek vineyard, then lunch and a tasting at Wolf Mountain, then off to end the day at Three Sisters for another tasting and a bonus of chocolate… it was awesome. By lunch, I was pretty hammered, but tried to keep my cool since I was signing Dad’s name to the bill everywhere we went… but alas, I don’t really recall getting out of the limo… but I do remember making sure I pumped and dumped so my boobs wouldn’t explode!  Mom had a great time, reminiscing with her friends since they never hang out — it must be a generational thing, because they said, it had been years and they hadn’t ever done an overnight trip! It’s nuts, because my girlfriends and I go to girl weekends every now and then and I think that’s what keeps up going… because we don’t check in all the time, but we can do a little bit every now and then to keep the friendship going. Hopefully this will initiate a group hangout with this set of friends to keep in touch and use their retirement wisely and go party together – because let me tell you something… it was fun and I wasn’t even their friends! These ladies can party!

They all got back to the house and got into the hot tub… and since I booked this house strictly because it had a hot tub, I am glad the owner finally got it back and running for them to enjoy when they got home. It was kinda weird calling my mom’s friends by their first name though… because these were mostly her teacher friends and I called them Mrs. So and So and not by their first names… but after the second wine tasting… anything goes!

Sunday rolled around and with the time change, they got an extra hour to rest and then we got to hang with Sherry and Dawn for a little while at Mom’s house reminiscing on the lovely weekend. And then she was lucky enough to be packing for a trip for the beach afterwards! I mean, 70 seems pretty good! So lucky to have her as a mom, and hope that 70 was one of the best years!

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