Grace Raine

Grace was born on: November 20, 2010

She weighed: 7 lbs 15 oz

She was: 19 3/4″

Time: 3:57 am

15 Responses to Grace Raine

  1. Brie Wells says:

    SOOO happy for ya’ll!!! Baby Grace is PRECIOUS!!

  2. Grandma Sherry says:

    Great job Adam-You were a very supportive husband and father on November 19 and 20 . It was a long day and night and you hung in there. Grace and Julia are lucky to have you in their lives.(so are we)

  3. Congratulations on your new beautiful baby girl Grace Raine. Nice job with the Easter prayer/announcement video, the look on Cindy’s face in priceless!
    Love, Jim & Barb

  4. Payal says:

    Congratulations!! I’m so excited to have a new little bundle of joy in my life too!
    She’s precious and I can’t wait to get back in town to run on over to see her 🙂

    Love you both–congrats!!

  5. Julie and Stephen Sullens says:

    Congrats guys…..she is beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet her!!!

  6. Laine and Reagan Pendergast says:

    We are so thrilled to meet our adorable cousin. We can’t wait to babysit!

  7. Brittany Pules says:

    Grace is absolutely adorable! She has some pretty awesome parents! Congrats and welcome to parenthood!

  8. laine pendergast says:

    she is so adorable!!!!!!
    can’t wait to visit

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