Lila Rose

Lila was born on: February 10, 2013

She weighed: 7 lbs 6 oz

She was: 19 3/4″

Time: 9:14 pm



4 Responses to Lila Rose

  1. Cindy Weart says:

    Welcome to the family Lila Rose, Yaya and Poppop are very lucky to have such a beautiful, special girl in their lives. Love,YaYa

  2. laine pendergast says:

    so cute!!!
    nicest little baby ever

  3. Twilah says:

    So happy for you two!!! Two beautiful little girls that are blessed with two great parents.
    Welcome little Lila

  4. mom says:

    Lila Rose is such a joy! She watches her sister all the time and is so anxious to do everything that
    Grace does; yet, there are very individual personalities emerging. What fun they are already!

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