Fall 2017 happenings…

Grace pulling her own top tooth… Asher getting another haircut and never being happy about it… and then going to paint our pumpkins and the Fall Festival at Grace’s elementary school for a fun night with friends… and I only have the 2 kiddos, so it was super easy and awesome!

Moby always finding shade when the temps were staying hot in the FALL…


Grace teaching herself some gymnastics – back walkover, now front walkover… she can do it all — but she does NOT stay on her feet – she is always turning upside down, bridging, doing hand stands… cartwheels, round offs….. whew– she learned a lot from just watching Kennedy – the neighbor.  Then we have Lila learning to ride her bike all by herself!! She has not been interested in the balance bike, and since James comes around on his trick bike she has been getting on her bike with training wheels, but the bike has seen better days so she tilts when riding it… and well, Mommy was getting impatient when we rode our bikes to the playground and Mommy just took them all at the basketball court and told her to ride her bicycle… well, Lila took one look at me and basically said, “challenge accepted!” And that brave little toaster just started riding! She could only do left hand turns for a while, but she just started riding after like 4 pushes from Mommy. Sure, she crashed, but she would quickly assure me that she was ok and that she wanted to keep going… man, 4 1/2 years old… she is a bad ass 🙂 Summer decided too that she wanted to start climbing up all the stairs at the playgrounds, which means Mommy can no longer sit there and watch her eat wood chips or play in the sand, but keep up with her running around everywhere! Whew!



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