halloween for sqwearts: mermaid, jasmine, flash and care bear

Enjoying our time trick or treating with neighbors Makayla and Kennedy and also James… so it was a big crew getting around most of the neighborhood… even with my 3 and 4 year olds… they were all-stars… we stayed up WAY past bedtime in the other side of the neighborhood and then Daddy came back to get us in the golf cart after hanging with Mr. Jonathon handing out candy… and they surveyed their loot… and Mommy gave them 5 minutes to each as much candy as they could… Grace strategically eating what she could and Lila, of course, talking through it all just enjoying the colors and looking through it all. They were exhausted, but it was an awesome night!

About Julia Weart

This is what's in my head. Enjoy.
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