Payal ATL weekend

Needing to spend some time for her birthday with my friend from my first day of 9th grade year… Payal Patel… she was in my homeroom in high school because she and I both had last names that started with P – maiden name Julia Pendergast… so thankfully God put us together to have in each others lives forever. She is seriously like the nicest person I know… sorry to everyone else I know, but she is truly the nicest… she even made goody bags for me to take home for the sqwearts to give them… and a cake… even though it was HER birthday! hahaha that’s Payal! So she went to Emory and I went to Georgia Tech, but it has changed a lot since I loved away in 2005… so I stayed the night in her Atlanta, Ga home and she took me for a tour of the new ATL… beltline, Krog street for lunch, then I saw the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign NOW on… so we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme and then to dinner at the new stadium… which is crazy! She absolutely spoiled me rotten and then I got a good’s night sleep after watching the final episode of Friends that I have never watched… and when we lives together post-undergrad, we didn’t pay for TV so I watched her DVD set and I never finished it… so it was kinda like wrapping up a part of my life to watch that final episode… Man, I missed that girl and her CAKES!

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