Summer is one!

My delightful, smiley little head has turned one. My littlest sqweart has now become a toddler. She started walking (11 months) right after she started crawling which was a little late to the game (10 months) and she hasn’t looked back. On her actual birthday she had an ear infection because she’s the 4th kid and has picked up all the diseases and viruses from the other three kids that will build her immunity…but poor thing, she can’t catch a break– I  mean, she has had strep and NONE of my other kids have had strep! But alas, she is still wonderful… might need some more holding and loving when she’s sick, but still loves to watch her brother and sisters…

She loves to walk now, and carry around objects while she’s walking… and also take anything out of her siblings hands and then scream bloody murder when they don’t hand it over so Mommy makes them give it to her…Oh, and she knows when she is throwing food over her table…and when yells at her to stop it, she knows I’m mad and then she looks at the other kids around the table to see if she can, in fact, keep doing what she’s doing, or if she needs to stop. Group mentality – see what Mommy can take before she gets really mad! She’s still a mommy’s girl though.. needs some Mommy love if I’m near her. I can’t say I hate it… since I created it, she snuggles with me and loves on me… I had to create it since the other sqwearts didn’t need it from me, unless they’re sick or scared, etc.

My baby doll is grown up – a milestone… ONE!

Height: 28.5 inch  (25th percentile)

Weight: 18lbs, 15 oz (35th percentile)

Head circumference: 17.75 in (50th percentile)
Her birthday party was the weekend before her birthday with just close family in attendance and she did not love it when we sing the birthday song to her. She loves cake and ice cream but try to touch the lit candle and that did not work out so well. Unfortunately she was sick and had to take a nap during the party because she woke up super early that morning. Turns out it was an ear infection…poor bug!

Did I mention she has eight teeth and 2 molars? that’s a total of 10 teeth at one year old!   I am weaning her from the boob but since she is sick and has been nice to be able to quiet her down and calm her down with a little bit more breast-feeding.

She loves the water – tries to pull herself out of the floaty and still too small for the puddle jumper… and hates the life jacket… so yeah, a challenge! She loves some cottage cheese and cheerios and will eat most veggies like her big sisters and brother do…especially when she is really hungry… when Mommy forgets that I didn’t feed her, she reminds me with a loud wailing! She’s great with a sippy cup and a straw cup… so she is ready to get all grown up! So sad for Mommy… but love seeing her personality shine through.

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2 Responses to Summer is one!

  1. mmlandrum says:

    Precious Summer!! Does she look kind of like Grace as a baby?

    • Julia Weart says:

      She kinda looks like all of them… she came out looking like Lila’s twin, now she is shifting to Asher some days and other days Grace… I think she’s the melting pot that will bring them all together since the three all have different eye and hair colors 🙃

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