to keep the blog, or not to keep the blog…

that is the question. we ran out of storage space because i’m an idiot and uploaded too big of files with the pictures, so do we spend $250 a year and keep it up instead of the $50 we were, or let it go… a part of me wants to keep it up because it has become like a scrapbook and diary in one… and then I see how perverts are using kids pictures to post nasty things…and I have a public blog… so maybe just make it private? I mean, who is really reading this thing anyways? I don’t even know if my own mother gets on here… so, what do you think? keep or let it go?

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One Response to to keep the blog, or not to keep the blog…

  1. Michelle Landrum says:

    My vote is to keep it as the memories are awesome for you AND your children. But I also support going private. I finally went private with mine for good and it was a weight off my shoulders. Now not everyone can access it BUT at least I know who is accessing it and feel comfortable with it. As long as I can still read it when you make it private, I support! 😊

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