10 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

So Adam and I made it to 10 years!! Whew! With a 6,4,2 and 9 month old, one really patient and obedient dog, a gorgeous house that fits our family perfectly, two jobs that we like most of the time because I mean really, they are jobs… but we survived!

I wanted to go back to Big Canoe, GA where we got married and take the little sqwearts with us to recreate some of our pictures from 10 years prior…Get ready for some cuteness!  We spent the night there and I took the girls around and ended up side-swiping a parked car… yep, Adam wasn’t surprised that I’m an idiot… I like to only hit parked or immobile cars… I’m talented. But we finally got the sqwearts to sleep and then sat outside on the porch listening to another wedding that was occuring at Big Canoe Chimneys that same night and we had our glass of red wine with my breastfeeding tank top on and Adam had his Chestatee Elementary shirt on… both of us proving that we are lame, yes… but also parents now… but loving being those parents and lucky that I still love my husband and he can still stand me… for 10 years and going strong… a new chapter with growing kids in a new house… the journey continues! Our marriage is challenged because of these new roles of parenthood, and it has been hard to put our marriage over parenthood… and we have failed a lot, but luckily we get perspective every now and then taking some time for just us…God has seriously blessed us so much… sometimes we look at each other at night laying in our bed, him playing with game on his phone and me watching HGTV, glass of boxed wine in hand and we say to each other that we can’t believe how good our life is, we are so completely happy and thankful that the Lord has given us this many years that are so good!

Bride 2007/2017


Add in the 3 cutest girls wearing their mother’s veil – be still my heart!

The boys 2007/2017


The kiss 20072017


The girls 2007/2017



Hanging out on the wall 2007/2017


Bride with the kiddos 2007/2017


The kiss revisited 2007/2017


Father/Son 2007/2017

The constant smiles… 2007/2017


Mother – Son 2007/2017


Running away from the crazies! 2007/2017


Veil Shot 2007/2017


Walking Away Together 2007/2017



Now, just some good pictures that we got that day… my beautiful family.


Asher, 2, really wanted to pee where Mommy and Daddy got married… potty training at its finest! Hahah 


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