February 2017 happenings…

Finding out where we are going for our Spring Break trip… Disney / Orlando, Florida coming soon!! Yeah!!! 4 kids 6 and under… can’t wait for some crazy!

img_6685 img_6686 img_6688

And Grace lost her first tooth! It had been wiggling for like 3 months… and finally, she was wiggling it with her tongue long enough it came out! Yay!!! My 6 year old is getting so BIG! 2/27/17


What a day!! Grace lost her first tooth and passed her 60th reader to make her on the second grade reading level— and she has done so well! She has been putting in extra homework time at night and wanting to make it back into Mrs. Johnston’s class (who is the gift teacher so she had to go to another teacher’s class from reader 40-60… and now back) but she is realizing that it’s not as fun… because there are no more readers, but getting your own book, and doing critical thinking puzzles and other activities that only 3 other kids are in with her. I am a super proud momma… so proud of not what she achieved, but of her patience and her perseverance.


And I love this one from Valentine’s Day… my co-worker made the headbands and tie… with these precious little hearts on them… LOVE! And Grandma got them the cute outfits — seriously, how adorable are my sqwearts?!?!?




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