Lila’s birthday week continued…

Spoiled by grandma with a movie, lunch and ice cream – nothing better than some girl time!

img_6677 img_6678 img_6679

And then American Girl doll cafe with Ya-Ya before hurling at the table and then on the way home… poor thing! She was so excited to go on a date to the mall and though she was sad she couldn’t finish her date, she was still excited about her new pajamas!

2017-02-19-12-30-01 2017-02-19-12-52-08 2017-02-19-13-07-01 2017-02-19-13-07-47

At her school they do the song  as she walks around the sun 4 times as she is 4 years old… and I get to say something special every year she was born and she loves it… this time Asher was in school with her and Grace got to come with me… so Lila loved the attention and loved having her friends and family celebrate her… she is so precious.

2017-02-13-15-18-17 2017-02-13-15-07-49 2017-02-13-14-59-05 2017-02-13-15-03-32


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