Lila’s 4th birthday weekend

Lila’s birthday weekend started with her actual birthday on Friday and some yummy bad-for-you cinnamon rolls for breakfast followed by a day of playing with Asher.  Once Grace got home from school, we went to Central Park to play outside and then grabbed some pizza on the way home. After dinner we ate the cookie cake we made Lila for her “real birthday.” Grace even said, “mommy, all these sprinkles we put on here aren’t that good!” and I’m like, “yeah, I know – they are always gross!” Then we gave her our gift – a BOOM BOX! She had no idea what it was… and probably will make fun of us when we are older… but for now, she thinks it’s awesome! She got some Taylor Swift CD’s and they danced/ran around in circles before bed.

Saturday, we had her birthday party at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast… the sqwearts got to play with their cousins and friends, have some chicken minis and of course have some fairy birthday cake at 10am! It was a great time… seeing my big girl play with her friends, make new ones, get a little shy with all the attention when blowing out the candles…she is this amazing little girl… she knows no stranger, has a billion facial expressions, stands up for her siblings and won’t let anyone hurt them, and loves big and hard. She is absolutely amazing.

At 4 her favorite things to do are read books, put puzzles together, play anything “big girl” with Grace and Emma, boss little Asher around, help Mommy with anything to gain praise, make baby Summer laugh and stop crying (I swear she is the baby whisperer) and sing and dance! She likes to play outside, but it isn’t what she wants to do all day long – she would rather be inside – and has a pretty long attention span… so we think this one will be our musical one because she loves to be in front of everyone and can actually carry a tune unlike her parents. Her besties at school are “big Ella” and Katarina – she likes to play “Elsa” with them on the playground.

After the littles took their naps, we headed out to Stars and Strikes and played some games and Daddy won them a huge ball. Afterwards, we headed home with a screaming baby who didn’t get to have her dinner, and put all of my sleepy babies and now another big big girl to bed… it was an exhaustingly wonderful day celebrating my second baby… my little red head…my little Li. Love you, bug… forever and ever…. even if you don’t want to give me hugs and kisses… I will still try every single night.

Height: 38.5 in (25th percentile), Weight 32 lbs (25th percentile)



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