50’s School Dance and Mommy’s Friends’ Get Together

Grace’s school had a 1950’s themed dance (in lieu of a Daddy/Daughter dance) that the whole family was invited to… so Miss Nancy watched the little sqwearts and Daddy and I took Grace and Lila to the school for the 1950’s dance. I took the girls to eat Subway (out to dinner for 3 and 6 year olds only includes a place they can get juice and a chips and cookie), and then went dancing with the girls. Well, Grace just wanted to dance with Makayla and Lila wanted to dance with anyone! It was nuts – kids running around everywhere! Luckily our neighbors were there and their kids, and the kids got to do a photo booth and dance around for an hour or so. YaYa made the girls both a poodle skirt and got them the little white shirts to match….they were adorable! I called YaYa on like Monday afternoon and she had them both made within 24 hours! Man, we are spoiled to have her around! Mommy did their hair and makeup and they were so excited. Grace gave Mommy some attitude at the dance, but that is becoming more of a normal thing instead of an exception… yikes… 6 going on 16! We headed home around 7:30 and we went to bed quickly after the girls… it wore us out too!


The next day after Mommy saw a couple patients to make up for not seeing them during the week when I had the stomach bug, I had my Physical Therapy girls over with their families to hang out. Burgers and dogs and a cookie cake to celebrate Treacy’s birthday and all the kiddos got to play and make messes while the ladies talked and sipped wine. It’s always nice catching up with working women about family, life, work…I’m lucky I found these ladies to do life with, even if it’s only a few times a year… we catch right back up on life. Life is really difficult for one of my friend’s right now and I can’t imagine her day to day life, but she showed up… that’s all friendship is… just showing up. It means a lot to me when people just show up.

img_6563b img_6560c


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