Mommy’s 35th birthday weekend

Mommy had to work on her Thursday birthday… along with getting over the cold virus that keeps taking over our house… so Daddy brought home a cookie cake so the sqwearts decided to eat a piece with the balloon — full of icing before bed! The next day I had my Friday off, so it was a nice day with the kiddos followed by an afternoon taking Summer’s 6 month photos with River. After the photoshoot, Mommy wanted to do something fun! Chick-fil-A for dinner (always a hit) and then Stars and Strikes for some fun games. Mommy’s fun is watching the kids (and hubby) have fun. But I did make a few good shots in the milkjug game and love watching the sqwearts slice the fruit on the video game thing… it was a great evening followed by an early bedtime.

Then Saturday came around and it was 70 degrees out which never happens on and around my birthday, so we took advantage and met my bestie at the Atlanta Zoo with her 4 kiddos and had fun up until it was Asher’s nap time and he went berserk! Unfortunately, little Ericson wasn’t a fan of the photo when we snapped this shot when we got there.


Cameron and John have Camden (almost 8) and then Holland and Grace are (6), Ericson and Lila are (almost 4), and Eden and Asher are (2)… and then Summer at (6 months)… so they overlap nicely and Camden was really good with crazy Asher. Cam and I have been friends since middle school and traveled to GT together and beyond… so blessed to have a friend for so long. It’s her family that made me want a big family… Cameron is the middle of 5 girls and it was always insane at her house… always busy and crazy and loud… I hope my family has the same craziness!


After we got home from the zoo we met Uncle Zach and Aunt Terese and Emma and Tyler for some pizza and then came home sweaty and tired. Come Sunday, church and some errands with the bigger girls is all I could muster along with playing and walking outside in this beautiful weather. I have never had a birthday with such wonderful weather… the girls kept asking if they could go to the pool – hahaha! I wish! Thanks be to God I got to see 35… even though I feel super old, it’s amazing how happy I am… I have everything and more I have ever dreamed about.


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