Summer’s 6 month

Well, little Summer… you can’t stand to be in tummy time, so you can roll from front to back but there is nothing important enough for you to reach long or hard enough to roll back onto your tummy. You like to sit up to see all the action around you, but still topple over when reaching too far, or turning too much to spy on your brother or sisters. You are MUCH louder now… when you  are hungry, you are HANGRY! You are finally sleeping through the night again, since you regressed when you were sick for like 2-3 weeks with your first ear infection. You started in Waumba Land just lately and you are trying to get to 2-2hour naps a day… or at least Mommy is trying to get you to that schedule so I only have to pump once a day when working. You are still smiley and sweet, but you definitely want your momma… Summer knows strangers now and if she doesn’t recognize you, and I’m not right in front of her… she isn’t happy. Even when Daddy is holding her and I walk in… she wants me… and I kinda love that… even though it’s difficult when all the sqwearts are trying to get my attention and I have to hold the baby, it’s nice to still have a little baby to hold. She’s used to the football hold too because sometimes I don’t have two hands to spare… she doesn’t complain… just glad to get to see all the action.

Height: 25.5 in 30% percentile

Weight: 14 lbs, 5 oz 25% percentile

Head Circumference: 16.7 in 50th percentile

These were taken at her 6 month photo shoot when she was 6.5 months old at our house.



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