Snow Days 2017

Georgia got to see some snow this year! Daddy went to YaYa and PopPop’s lakehouse for the weekend, so we got to play in the snow while he was gone. Grace could have stayed outside all day, Lila decided she didn’t LOVE being cold, so opted not to go outside for round 2 after naps were taken… Asher liked to eat the snow, and Summer didn’t really have a choice. Moby of course ran his 20 laps in the snow and then wanted to go inside to sleep the rest of the day. In between, the sqwearts got to have a slushy of snow and apple juice.

After church on Sunday, Emma and Tyler came over and brought their sleds and we got to use those and Lila couldn’t get enough of it! That girl is the thrill seeker! Tyler liked to race her going down on the sled as he ran next to her… Emma got in on the races too and Grace took a few turns but was more interested in selling snow bowls to Lila (my little entrepreneur!). Unfortunately, Asher and Summer were asleep during this time so we didn’t get to see them be crazy. But it was a great weekend to play in our 1-2 inches of snow!


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