Christmas Time with the Wearts

Christmas Eve at church with Grandma and Grandpa… and then back home to decorate our tree — so Adam and I decided to get 5 trees this year for the price of a huge 10 footer like we normally get…so we got some smaller ones to get a barrier between us and the next door neighbors. Even though there is no house there now, eventually there will be, and this will give us some privacy… and since you can’t bring a potted plant inside for too long we decided to decorate it and have it inside for Christmas Eve. So we did the 12 days of Christmas ornaments as we sang them onto the tree (a Pendergast tradition) and then Daddy put the angel on and it was really easy being a really short tree.

Grandma and Grandpa spoiled the mess out of the sqwearts… some nerf guns, some swords….and then Santa came after a night with Grandma watching Love Actually with Mommy and Daddy. Lila peaked into the room to find the bouncy house and then spilled the beans to the other kiddos so when Mommy and Daddy found out she did and got upset she got upset and hid in the corner… after her tantrum, she joined the group and opened up the gifts from Santa. Asher just really enjoyed his candy that he asked for from Santa, and the girls got their gifts, but Grace was a little disappointed from the lack of gifts from Santa vs Grandma… but hey, she will get over it. After the gifts, we used the Browns Bridge Church KidStuf materials to reenact the Christ story – Daddy was the donkey, Lila was Mary, Grace was the angel, Grandpa was the Innkeeper,  Asher was Joseph and Mommy was the narrator. It was a great time… remembering why we celebrate Christmas.

After my one patient (yes, I was on call because I was on maternity leave and didn’t have any on calls dates so I felt bad, so I told them I would cover Christmas)… we went to Adam’s parent’s house and had Christmas morning with tons and tons of gifts. I mean tons… Aunt Jen and Uncle Ben along with Ya Ya and Pop Pop spoiled the junk out of our kids!!! These children were spoiled!

So fast forward a week later and Uncle Paul and Aunt Dawn and Cousin Tilly  came from Texas and stayed with us… we took our parents out to dinner to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in Dahlonega. We went for a horse drawn carriage ride after waiting an hour…but worth it… to see my mom’s face… she was so happy. It was freezing, the kids were bundled up, but we sang Christmas carols and looked at Christmas lights… she loves it and we love it because she loves it. Uncle Paul spoils these kids so much! They love his attention to dig dinosaur bones out of clay and hours upon hours in the backyard playing.


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