Fun Days with Family

Friday Funday with Grandma at Launch to use a groupon and dinner at the Collection afterwards… Needing an excuse to get the kids out of the house and have a good time with Grandma. I’m really happy she can be so close to my kids and watch them enjoy life.

Another day outside playing with neighbor, James – do you see how Lila is riding behind him holding onto him – oh Lordy, we have our hands full with this one.

A little updated pic from my niece and nephew – precious little bears.

Looking into the new houses being built in my neighborhood, then some time at Central Park to hang out with just these crazy 4 kiddos that make me laugh – I mean, look at these kiddos all playing together – adorable! I brought McD’s for some breakfast and then we had the morning to get some energy out. Afterwards, we went to my friend, Tiffany’s chicken farm to swim in the pool and to go see the chickens and ponies and donkeys.

I can’t deny that I love throwing birthday parties for other people… possibly for more selfish reasons in that I can plan something really cool and then attend it! Well, I did just that for my sister-in-law, Terese. I planned her sisters and mother to come along for day of wine festivals and tastings. It was a beautiful day filled with wine drinking, bag pipes, grape crushing at the Yonah Mountain crush fest, shopping at the tents, food trucks, music all around is, a cute DD I had my eye on all day, veggie straws in the car between tastings, Cenita vineyard for the most relaxed afternoon and beautiful view to wind down the day….It was a fabulous day to celebrate Aunt Terese – without all the kiddos!! πŸ™‚



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First Day of School

My bigs going to school together for the first time… riding the school bus (luckily still one of the last stops before getting to school), saying goodbye to Miss Sierra for the last time as she gets a “real job” next summer before graduating UGA… and embarking on Kindergarten and 2nd grade…

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School starting soon!

My little Li learning the bus rules and getting her Class of 2031 shirt with one of my friend’s child, Caroline.. the two red-heads could cause some trouble at their school πŸ™‚

Grace’s open house meeting Miss Hall… Grace has already told me she thinks she has the nicest teacher ever. Lila met Miss Mooneyham and Miss Durand – she didn’t know anyone in her class, but that doesn’t worry that girl! We decided to go to Racetrac to celebrate the last free night of ice cream… yep, all summer with free ice cream and we took full advantage with 4 kids!

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get togethers with friends and six flags…. what summer is about, right!?!

A great visit from my bestie with her 4 kiddos coming up to hang out at the pool, go for a golf cart ride and just catch up on life while the kids splash around…

Neighbor date night at Top Golf just for fun with some of the best neighbors!

Meeting up with Dad and my brother, Frank for an Atlanta United game… my brother gets these nice tickets with all the free drinks…. and I’ve got a DD, so…. yeah!

Adam took Grace to Six Flags on the last day she could use her free entry that she got from doing all of her homework from last year…She literally rode every single ride that was open… so proud! They had such a great time together – every now and then a girl needs a date with her daddy.



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Fancy Nancy and Kidz Bop for some summer fun

Fancy Nancy musical in Woodstock, GA with my big girls and mom and ended up seeing my sorority sister and her two girls. It was a cute musical and we had a fun time exploring Woodstock, GA with some ice cream afterwards!

This little one learning to use panties…. her new ones, Princess Elena… whenever Mommy is ready to clean up pee from the floor half of the time.

The sqwearts first concert at the Kidz Bop concert with their cousins… it was hot, but it was fun… the girls got to dance and Daddy got to drink, then a little RaceTrac ice cream afterwards.


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Birthday parties and summertime with neighbors

Miss Torri gave the kids blue cupcakes, Sprite for the first time, and a jumpy house for our neighbor Liam’s 4th birthday party… then some pool time to keep the celebration going!

All the while, Daddy had a mini golf weekend with some friends in Tennessee.



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Tell us about the Tellus Museum: Superheros!

Superhero day the Tellus Science Museum with cousins… Spiderman, Batman, Batgirl, and Black Panther did not disappoint. We did watch the show about volcanoes and that did disappoint this mommy…. it was very depressing knowing that the world would end from a super volcano…I’m just glad the kids didn’t catch on to what they were saying.

The cousins all walking on the moon… Racetrac for lunch with dogs and free ice cream on the way home makes for an awesome time!

Baggo and the kids science exploratory exhibit!

Adam got to see his favorite superhero, Black Panther! I’m pretty sure he was the most excited kid that was there today!

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Adventures over the summer…

Keeping these kids busy all summer… either it was Kroger Chef Jr with the bigs, lake days with friends, library activities like Wild Bird day (oh and the books, of course the books!), Waumba Land shenanigans and birthday treats, cousin Tyler’s birthday and Bey Blades!, and a beautiful not-too-hot day at the Gainesville Botanical Gardens to just enjoy being outside without sweating as much as usual. The summer has been very good to us.

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Fourth with my Four

Golfcart parade with candy, naps with Daddy, laketime with swimming and jet-skiing, yard races, smores (of course), hibachi (of course), and then back to the house for some fireworks and sparklers. It was a full day of fun with Grandma and Grandpa celebrating our freedom… what makes America great.

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Summer turns 2… and she’s all personality!

We started off her actual birthday with a bang! Well, a pancake bang! Grace helped Daddy make his famous pancakes and Summer got a special #2 pancake which she added syrup and quickly ate. While she napped, I let the older 3 make slime… which ended with them throwing it away because itΒ  was such a mess. Then we took to Chick-Fil-A for dinner with their SUMMER shirts on (repurposed from her 1st birthday pics)! After Racetrac ice cream (which is free all June and July for kids) we decided today was a great day for the Fair they had set up at the outlet mall. $100 later, all the money I saved for her birthday party was spent on rides, cotton candy and games that got each kid a little stuffed animal… basically, the best $100 spent. Hopefully next year, she will actually be able to ride some of the rides with her siblings πŸ™‚

Then the Saturday morning later…. I leave Lila and Summer sitting on Lila’s bed in morning while they were reading… only to hear a loud screaming from Summer and a stunned-looking Lila a few minutes later… “Summer fell off the bed,” then it turned into, “we were jumping and she got knocked over,” and etc etc.. no one will really know what happened. She was not a happy camper. My little birthday girl was in pain. So we went to the weekend pediatrician, then the xray tech, then the urgent care to get casted… a buckle fracture of the distal radius and ulna. Luckily, she was a trooper until they tried to put the sling on her…. that didn’t last but maybe 2 minutes. She kept the temporary cast on until we could get to the orthopedist during the week.

So at this point, we were really late for our annual Sigma Nu get together that we had planned for a long while… so what do you do with a kid that just got a fracture and hasn’t napped? You drive 2 hours to a pool party that the aforementioned kid can’t even swim at! Happy Birthday weekend Summer! πŸ™‚

The Sunday afterwards, we had her family birthday party. A little cake that the kids made, some coloring, a few presents and our family there to love on my little 2 year old!

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Enzo is here!

on 6/20/18 Enzo made his appearance into this world… with a congenital heart defect that we didn’t know how bad it was until he was born made it a very happy/worrisome time… I’m glad my sister let me be a part of my nephew coming into the world. She didn’t let me stay in the delivery room, but she spat him out pretty quick πŸ™‚ He was beautiful and doing very well… they wisked him away to check him and his heart out, but that 1st minute or more that my beautiful sister got to hold my beautiful nephew was perfect. She had the glimmer in her eye… that glimmer you get when your holding your heart on the outside of your own chest… yeah, that one. He was perfect. I got to stay for a few days afterwards to touch him and sing to him (the only song I know all the words to: Silent Night) and help Dawn out with something that I am accustomed to: post-partum! Got to see Tilly and hang out with Sherry…. trying to keep everyone as happy as possible with less sleep and round the clock shifts at the NICU. The new part of 4 family is doing great… and Enzo didn’t need an immediate surgery and ended up getting to leave the hospital in about 2 weeks, going in for another ECHO at 6 weeks… and it’s a waiting game, but the worst, and the worser case scenario were thrown out… blessed be to God. Thanks to everyone and anyone who lifted up a prayer to keep this little boy happy and healthy.

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A little summertime fun

From trips to the pool with the golf cart and neighbors, falling asleep early, more pool trips, having our small group over with their families for a cookout and slip ‘n slide fun…. then Father’s Day to celebrate my dad, Grandpa, at the lake and hanging with our Daddy at church and letting him golf with Uncle Zach while Mommy works so Aunt Terese watches over all 6 cousins… it’s been a good summer so far… I can’t believe that I have a 7/5/3/1 year old… and soon it’ll change … but for today… they are my joy.

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Splash Pad

Taking the kiddos to the splash pad with Grandma to have one good summer day after a really long couple of work weeks – we have had a therapist out every week since the last week of school so we have had to cover our own patients along with the therapist that is out so we have been crazy… since Grandma will be helping out with new nephew in Texas when my sister has him in a few weeks, she wanted to be around these silly 4 to watch them play and get really, really tired at the splash pad.

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Memorial Day Weekend at YaYa’s lakehouse

Sunshine, skiing, games, swimming, boating, jumping, climbing and relaxing… we did it all at Lay Lake. Grace and Emma learning to ski, Asher getting over his fear of the water and belly flopping into the lake… and peeing into it, Summer wanting to pretty much stay in the water at all times, the adults and kids playing games all weekend long, and getting some neighbor love to ride his jet ski and loves of fun!

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Last Week of school for the sqwearts

Grace calls it quits with first grade and Lila and Asher finish out their year at the Montessori school..and Lila off to Kindergarten next year! Finally, getting 2 free!

Grace got to be a part of the special tennis with Dr. Tennies for her perfect attendance award and getting the High Achiever award for Miss Scheyer’s class…finishing a great year with a performance of reciting her Jumping Rope Shel Silverstein poem…and then Lila and Asher performing their songs (well, Asher performed the first one, and then just shrugged and made a frowny face the rest of the time. We made it through the last day of school!

Field day for Grace when I was away at my friend’s wedding…the week before school letting out… and then swinging Summer around!

The last day of school… the littles met Grace at the bus stop with water guns… then Miss Alison bringing the kids in the neighborhood to come shoot her with a water gun too πŸ™‚

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HHi for Jen’s wedding with the girls

Going to my first Thursday wedding to celebrate Chris and Jenn…it was a beautiful week with weather that held off except for the the night before… we had a great girls weekend watching our fellow ADPi GT-er marry the love of her life… while enjoying no work, no kids, no worries… πŸ™‚

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a little dental work for Grace

Then getting 2 teeth pulled and then getting one taken for free while she was under some anesthesia bc she had another loose tooth… to make room for the expander she’s getting soon. She was a brave chick!

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Mother’s Day 2018

Mother’s Day weekend with my family at the pool with pizza, then some lake time and Hibachi with my mom, and some wine time with my man in the front yard to finalize the weekend.

Then some Mother’s Day love with my Mother-in-law and the family and our Christmas present to her was family pics so we finally made them happen on Mother’s Day weekend. Our big beautiful family πŸ™‚

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10 year anniversary from DPT at UNG

Nothing like a weekend at my parent’s lakehouse (which they let us use and got out of town for us to use)… then we went to visit the campus and take some “walk-down-memory-lane” pics at UNG. We went out on the lake and then to a winery for dinner and Blue Bicycle for dinner and back to the house to hang out and talk about the years we spent together and the years we have made families, gotten husbands, and become Physical Therapists… they are some of the coolest people that I would never gotten to know… unless she shared a degree. It’s amazing how God put us together from all different backgrounds, and families and accents πŸ™‚ So glad I have these girls in my life!



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School Pics for the middles

My little family… Moby enjoying the spring time with not so hot outside and not so cool inside…so spending his time in the middle …. and then Adam capturing a moment with all the sqwearts praying at night. We usually only have the biggest 3, but Summer has decided she doesn’t need sleep as much as we would like for her to have, so she has been partying hard at night.. so we kept her up to do books and prayers and she is just too much… saying AMEN through the whole prayer… oh, my little heart. And then Lila playing peek-a-boo with Summer around the wall… Summer getting a huge kick out of it! I just hope these memories can bury themselves into my heart and stay forever… the LOL’s coming from Summer πŸ™‚

Moby and I watching the sqwearts play in the sun while we stay in the shade…and then Summer making the kids do whatever she wants them to do πŸ™‚ hahhaha, #bossbabyΒ  and taking a pic of the kids before we go ride their bikes to the playground… and I’m only pushing a single stroller now… because Asher is riding his bike (with some helpful pushes from his mother along the way up the hills) to the playground. I’m sure soon enough it’ll be no stroller, and 4 kids riding along the sidewalk… I can’t imagine and then I can imagine all in the same thought… they are all getting bigger and I haven’t had a baby again to distract me from the inevitable… time. My babies aren’t babies. (insert teary-eyed mom)


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Daddy turns 37 and we go to the casino!

the love of my freakin’ life (who, disclaimer, I want to kill sometimes, or wring his neck, but at this moment, really truly love), turned 37 and I wanted to get his favorite people together at his favorite place and make a fun weekend happen. Unfortunately, his biggest brother couldn’t come up, but his parents and big brother and wife all met up to go to the Casino in NC for an overnight trip. Special thanks to Adam’s mom and dad who paid for a hotel for us and because his mom won a Jackpot before we even got there, she bought dinner too! It was actually our 11 year anniversary weekend before his actual birthday, but hey, I might not like gambling, but I love a reason to get a hotel, drink red wine and have fun with family! I might have taken off with Terese to go find a quiet spot outside to drink red wine during the daylight hours, but hey… we got to both enjoy ourselves! πŸ™‚ And Adam still came home with some of his birthday money… so we call that a WIN!

Then on Daddy’s actual birthday, his sqwearts surprised him with a funfetti cake when he got home from work… the real reality of a birthday… the one that really sticks in your heart when you see and hear your 4 kids singing happy birthday to you… it’s a good 37 for sure Daddy!

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Elementary school fair time!

It’s everyone’s dream to go to a school fair on a hot afternoon in April, but it was actually pretty fun! I know now to stand in line for the free face painting first because the line can get CRAZY… and yes, that’s s veteran-mom-thing-to-say… but for those of you that haven’t experienced this… you will and you will thank me…. you go there first! Then the kiddos got to play on all the other bouncy houses and slides… Summer all the while taking in the sights and eating all the snacks I packed her to distract her from the fact that she wasn’t big enough to play on all the other things her bigger siblings were partaking in… oh, and it was really freakin’ hot πŸ™‚

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Around town

Lila being Lila with sitting on her brother, Summer being Summer and trying to drive my car… and then Grace’s 1st grade field trip to Warbington Farms when her brother and sister could join. I am lucky I can take my Friday’s off work and take the kids to another kid’s field trip… and I’m lucky she still wants us all to come and join her.

and then going to Grace’s besties birthday party at the RV park for a fun night with her siblings in tow and then Grace got to stay for the slumber party… she came home with lots of stories and new friends with older girls (since it was Makayla’s sister’s birthday as well she had her older sister’s friends at the slumber party as well)… hearing from Grace about her new friends and the new games she learned made me tear up and feel nauseous all once…. my little girl isn’t staying little much longer….

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Family Pics for Spring

This gallery contains 16 photos.

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March Madness with the sqwearts

Gracie getting upset that dinosaurs existed but not mermaids… trying to potty train a 21 month year old, haircuts, dinners that are so ordinary yet so not ordinary…


St. Patrick’s Day with a Lucky Charm breakfast, Compassion Experience in Canton, GA so that our kids can get a little bit of a dose of the realities that Irambona from Rwanda (the boy we have sponsored from age 8 until 18) and to see the differences in life and the power of giving… the list goes on and on… and Grace got the most out of it… she asked lots of powerful questions and understood the importance of giving to those less fortunate. Afterwards we stopped at a local Chick-Fil-A which never disappoints and then kept on driving to the Tellus Museum for a day to soak in the science! Dinosaur bones, meteorites, planetarium, science area for kids to see what light and magnets and energy are able to do… then we made the drive back home with the kids and asking them what their favorite

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