February hanging out happenings

Just the daily things going on… Summer rummaging through the cabinets, Lila and Cousin Tyler being sweet at church together, the cousins just coming over to hang out… Grace’s glow party at school where we brought Lila and got to play with neighbors Makalya and Kennedy… dancing the night away to KidzBop! Burger King breakfasts, funny times with Asher looking like he’s 80 years old with the cane Mommy needs for work… and then Lila learning how to do the monkey bars all by herself (even the higher one!) and Grace doing them backwards…  you can always find Summer reading a book to herself or her baby, Asher smashing some transformers and the girls playing school upstairs.

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Another snow in GA! What!?!

God gave us a 2018 snow, so we met up with neighbors to slide on the 1/2 inch snow/ice at the school again and enjoy the snow at home. Lila wasn’t really feeling it this time, so she opted for the warmth of the home while Grace and Asher opted for some snow angels and snowball fights before coming in for some hot cocoa. Just one more demonstration of God’s beauty… even if it didn’t last too long.. it was beautiful while it lasted…. and doesn’t that make the miracles- well, miracles? Because they don’t last too long… just long enough to hopefully appreciate them… and then just a memory of the miracle? Pretty awesome, God… two thumbs up.

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Skol Vikings!

It was a lot of ups and downs during the season for the Vikings his year but it culminated while at my brother and sister-in-law’s house to watch the playoff game against the Saints and the Viking’s, Minnesota Miracle… it was amazing! Though the latter games didn’t go as we wanted, it was a great night seeing these brothers enjoy their team move forward. It was a great season for the Vikings… and for the most part, I had a happy husband and that makes me a happy wife!

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Julia’s 36th… wait, what? Am I really that old?

Enjoying not only a cookie cake, but also an ice cream cake for my birthday… even if I started my birthday off with pink eye, thanks to Grace… and then still getting over sickness and not being able to taste anything… so Adam surprised me with something sparkly and took me to see my boyfriend, Zac Efron in a musical movie with popcorn for dinner… so yeah, it was awesome. Grace made me bracelet to wear, the Grands sent me a fruit arrangement that the sqwearts ate within 2 days (luckily I got a few bites in before they devoured it), and then that weekend I had planned a girls dinner with my friends and they surprised me with a cookie cake… so it was a good birthday weekend. God has blessed me with a pretty awesome hubby, beautiful, healthy children, friends galore and a little arthritis to bring me back down to reality. 🙂

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Gymnastics and Car Seats

The girls get to enjoy a treat since Asher is now capable of getting IN and OUT of his car seat!! WooHOO! Mommy only has to worry about getting one kid in and of the carseat! The girls are temporarily in the same gymnastics class and I am so proud of how hard they are working to get better and improve their skills… Asher is in a class with all ladies… and this will be his last class, even though he loves the class, the girls new classes are not only an upgrade in skill, they are also an upgrade in price, so yeah, he got the boot! When he is older and able to do a little bit more, we will put him where he wants to be… but for now, we gotta watch the wallet!

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a FLUke of a start to 2018

Well… this is how 2018 started… everyone got the FLU. Luckily, the flu shot allowed us the kids and I to get over it quicker than poor Daddy.. but we made the most of it, catching up with National Geographic and PBS Kids and Disney movies…

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New Years 2018 in Helen, GA for a couples-night out (before the flu)

My parents gave us a night away to have a New Years Eve out of town *but still close by. We watched the Vikings at a bar close by and Adam even left at halftime to go start our vineyard tour in Cleveland, GA… enjoying two wineries at Serenity Cellars with live music and tastings and then to Habersham Winery before checking into our hotel and going to dinner at a chinese place… because we didn’t want to have to drive for dinner — because, well, we drank too early 🙂 Home around 10pm to enjoy TV and a clean bed that we didn’t have to clean… it was a nice get away before returning home to Adam getting the flu for a week… ugh. It has been a rough holiday… but luckily God gave us one night to enjoy each other with less stress before having a week of sickness at home… because of course the kiddos got sick again too… first, the stomach bug, second, the flu… but luckily the kids and I got the flu shot so the symptoms were less for us, but Daddy was not so lucky… so yeah, this was the last hurrah before the crazy started. I love the picture of the kids that Grandma sent us… I told Grace that New Years is a time to party and dress up with sparkly clothing and stay up drinking bubbly drinks… so I bought the kids some sparkling grape juice and my mom sent me this picture – the girls all dressed up in everything sparkly they could find… and Asher just enjoying the bubbly drink that he has never had before… Love those sqwearts. Happiest of New Years!

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Sib Dinn

Since Dawn was in town, I organized a sibling dinner with my brothers from another mother… and since one of them is on the board of Fogo de Chao, but he’s a vegan… we got go there and make him pay 🙂 hahaha, thanks Doug! Frank enjoying a fancy drink thing and I’m pretty sure I drank a whole bottle of wine since I had Dawn as a DD — I mean, I’m not pregnant or breastfeeding, so when in Rome!?!?! 🙂 It was a great time catching up and laughing about the old times with bonky head and sneaking out and discussing becoming parents and old-people… time sure does fly!

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Aunt Dawn and Uncle Paul come to town!

After Christmas Aunt Dawn and Cousin Tilly flew in to see us… and with the kids recuperating from the stomach bug, we were ready to back out in the world! Opening gifts at the Grands house but unfortunately, Uncle Paul drove in and he was not feeling well.. and had the flu… so he was kind of dead to the world for the majority of the trip… and the kids missed him and all of his playful antics… but we tried to make the most of the visit from our cousin Tilly. We had to get out of the house and went to INK in Gainesville, GA for the kids to play, and though, it wasn’t the best visit, it was great to see little Till and celebrate Aunt Dawn being pregnant with our newest nephew/cousin- Enzo! Yeah, that’s his name, I can’t change my sister’s mind, and it’s not like she even reads my blog so yeah, it’s a weird name… I just hope he can learn to stand up for himself. I do hope that that change their mind with the middle name that was chosen… but we see!  Either way, it was great to see my sister whom I don’t get to see a lot… love you sis!

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Christmas 2018 with family and friends

Taking Moby in for shots means watching little kittens play in the crate.. then while your middle sister is stomach-bug-ridden, you get to make the first gingerbread house without her and then when she wakes in the AM, you get to help her with her house and get a two-for-one candy kick! Then Grace helping me with making cookies since we can’t make it to Ya-Ya’s for the annual Christmas cookie making day because we have fevers and vomiting in the house…

Christmas Eve at Browns Bridge Church with the grands…thankful for a church that makes my kids love church and God — learning about Jesus and grace… but also a church that allows me photo opps 🙂 hahah I mean, it’s like this church and I were meant to be.

Christmas Eve visiting our Miss Nancy to open gifts and give her ours… and then listening to Grandma sing 12 Days of Christmas as our Pendergast tradition and Grandma started drinking at like noon 🙂 Neighbor James came over to exchange gifts as well…I love the look of Lila’s face as she wants him to like the gift she helped pick out… so adorable. The Grands spoiling the kids rotten and ending with a trampoline… Lila was so excited! Then ending our Christmas Eve with Grace coming downstairs vomiting… doing another load of laundry… poor thing puked till about 2am and slept with us all night… first time a kid has ever slept with us…

Christmas morning watching the sqwearts enjoy getting their gifts from Santa after being spoiled rotten by the grands…new bikes, dinosaur pillows, Barbies and pretty dresses…  so much fun watching them! My wonderful kiddos spoiled Mommy with ornaments they picked out for me or made for me… making Mommy feel loved.

Heading out to YaYa and PopPop’s after trying out the bikes and Asher needing some more practice and Grace trying to learn to use the larger bike with handle brakes instead of pedal brakes. On our way to visit family Summer decided that she felt left out (being the only child that has not thrown up) and she blew chunks in the car seat on the way to Alpharetta…. yay :/

The other side of the family spoiling the mess out of the kids… and then Daddy making the annual Weart Family Game and Uncle Zach winning this year… Mommy was close, but tied in second with PopPop…. humph… I have never won! Daddy wasn’t too happy with me…  there’s always next year! Then after a wonderful lunch/dinner we played a family game and it was hilarious! When we got home from an awesomely exhausting day, Grace and Asher recited their memory verses and we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus… as we lay our heads down in thoughts of complete euphoria, remembering why and how this day exists… the birth of the most amazing Savior to take all of our concerns away, giving us unconditional love and grace… even when life is not fair and life sometimes sucks, He is there to give us the kind of love that is so hard to give and receive…. perfect love. Thanks be to God.

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December to Remember

Adam got Vikings/Falcons tickets at the new stadium from work, so we were very excited to go see the new stadium and cheer on the winning purple team! 12/3/17

We couldn’t afford the Santa at the outlet mall this year since they revamped it so luckily we got to go to the Gibson Co. who the owners sing at Browns Bridge Church and Adam knows them from when he volunteers, so we brought all the sqwearts and cousins to their venue and had some priceless pictures 🙂

Grace asked for a locket, a bike and a surprise…

Lila asked for a fairy house with 4 fairies so there would be one for everyone in the family to play with… because she is so super sweet, and then she asked for candy and a locket, but that’s because she heard Grace but she didn’t want a locket, so we edited our list to Santa via email to just a necklace…

Asher asked for a bike and that’s it. 🙂


Then once we brought all the kids back home, we decided that Moby and Dixie deserved to meet Santa too, so we brought them to Ruckers for their pictures with Santa 🙂

Nothing like Get Air again for our neighbor, Wesley’s, birthday party with Asher and Summer getting to participate in all the bouncy fun…and Mommy getting to have a birthday dinner night with Wesley’s mom, Torri, for her birthday with the lady neighbors… to see Bad Mom’s Christmas

Before the party, we drove to Dahlonega, GA Chick-Fil-A to go grab some Fish Christmas Wishes… to give our dining room set to a couple that needs a table and chairs, and another single mom of 5 kiddos who needs a place to live… so between us and my brother and sister-in-law we were able to afford her a down payment for renting a house for her family… just wanted the sqwearts to be a part of the giving that is the reason for the season and giving that is part of being a good Samaritan, a good neighbor, a good person… to be the person that Jesus was… to try to be more like Jesus every single day.


Mommy got to visit all the sqwearts at their schools for the their Christmas parties… the Montessoru school did a singing recital kind of thing which was a joy to watch…

Then I joined Daddy at his company’s Christmas party – a night out with great food and drinks we didn’t have to pay for…. means a great time! Oh, and we got to dance, which we haven’t gotten to do in forever! 12/17/17

The sqwearts (except Summer) started gymnastics class – Lila and Asher in the little kids class and Grace in the beginner’s class for a while before she gets moved up to the next level…hopefully in the new year.

12/10/17 Gainesville, GA got like 6 inches of snow!! It was awesome… so much snow… luckily I bought the sleds at the end of the season last year so we had them ready to go! We made a family of snowmen and went sledding with neighbors at the Elementary school down the street… we ate snow slushies, we had warm chocolate milk, the sqwearts ate a lot of snow on the ground, made snow angels, and had plenty of snowball fights…. we finished Grace’s list of things to do in the snow 🙂

Daddy putting together his old GIJoe’s for the kids to play with… and eventually they destroyed… so we had to put them away until Asher gets a little older… and some pics of the kids watching Christmas movies and getting a tree at our local Kinsey Family Farm… Daddy cutting one down again…he loved it, I swear 🙂

Then I wore my vest that Grace made for me to my small group night to show it off… and having all the kids fit in our tub, makes it for a wild bath time, but easy and water-efficient 🙂


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Thanksgiving Weekend

So we started our Thanksgiving weekend off with Grandma and Grandpa… taking a quick picture before the kids destroy their dresses and Grandma and I enjoying our vacation starting our wine around noon… while Daddy obsesses about he Vikings *thankfully they won, and then eating a nice late lunch, then taking the golf cart to the playground to wear the kids out and Lila did the monkey bars all by herself for the first time, and then coming back to eat some s’mores and turkey sandwiches for dinner…

Then on the Saturday after Thanksgiving we normally go to my in-laws for Thanksgiving, but since Ben got tickets, all the brothers went to the GT vs UGA game which was not the best game to watch, but the sqwearts and I went along to tailgate and see some of my friends and sorority house and campus…

Then we finally made it to my in-laws on that Sunday for yet another Thanksgiving dinner with family… and having some wine with my sisters in law this time… because, hey, I’m not breastfeeding or pregnant 🙂 And Summer made her funny faces with YaYa at dinnertime that was so funny not to add to the pictures 🙂

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Grace Raine is 7! A wonderful birthday month!

My baby is no longer a baby…growing up so fast…yet so slow.

Height: 47.2 in (40th percentile)

Weight: 46lbs (30th percentile)

The handout the pediatrician gave me stated:

-usually has a best friend of the same sex – check! Makayla

-shows growing concern about popularity among peers – yep!

-seeks approval of peers as well as adults – yes and definitely seeks my approval and I have to remember to give her validation for all things, except for when I have 3 other kids to look after and they need my attention for when they do something new or awesome…

-takes it upon self to enforce rules — yep, to the little 3

-tends to be quite critical – yep, especially of herself

-wants to be the “first” “best” “correct” in everything – yep…. to all of these things

My girl is super talented in gymnastics, she is such a hard worker – she will try to do everything she can as hard and as best she can… she works hard with reading, writing (spelling still needs work), math and with all of her competitive spirit with games/sports… and especially gymnastics. She is super loud and emotional when she doesn’t get the attention that she wants, but normal people won’t see that side of her… she is sweet and shy and reserved in public, but has lots of opinions at home… she is always looking out for Summer and likes to boss around Lila and plays super sweet with Asher… I’m pretty sure she single highhandedly taught Lila how to read. She is the most amazing child I have, that is 7… because let’s be honest… all of my sqwearts are amazing.  🙂

I got to go to her school for birthday cupcakes and Miss Allison came so that Makayla could eat with us for lunch on the stage… YaYa took Grace out for a special day on American Girl doll for lunch, and a shopping day at a real mall….and before it all was Get Air with Makayla, Kennedy and cousin Emma and Grace had such a fun time with jumping, climbing and then eating at Chick-Fil-A for lunch and ice cream. Then, Mommy met her for lunch at school with a surprise of having Miss Alison come too so that Makayla could join us for lunch on stage…spoiled rotten!

Then, for more celebration – we took Grace to see The Star movie with her brother’s first movie ever in a theater, and Lila – enjoying the popcorn and candy… and the movie was SO GOOD! I was pleasantly surprised! Afterwards, meeting family for lunch and then some balloon animals…afterwards, haircuts and treats at Sweet & Sassy with cousin Emma… WHEW! There’s more! Meeting up with Grandma on her actual birthday that Grace was off school so Grandma picked her up and I met them out for lunch and we got Hibachi and she got her Easy Bake Oven where she ended up making her own birthday dessert that night and also getting to see Miss Nancy and opening up her school gift that Gracie loved…. Ok, that is one spoiled 7 year old… she deserves it all! 🙂


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Star Student Grace

Sqwearts learning about the attitude of gratitude at an Upstreet event at Browns Bridge Church…nothing like a church that makes kids wants to go to church. Miss Nancy got the sqwearts some rakes as a gift and they loved using them to get all the clippings up with Mommy’s help…forget about TV and iPads… give them a rake! Some other random pics around the house with more gymnastics and biking, but also Grace making Star Student at her school… I’m not sure what it means,  but I’m proud of her for achieving it!

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Grandma turning 71

Enjoying some Publix cake and Happy Meals on Friday night and then an adult-only lunch with some wine at Wolf Mountain vineyard on Saturday… I’d say a pretty good birthday for an old lady 🙂

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Fall 2017 happenings…

Grace pulling her own top tooth… Asher getting another haircut and never being happy about it… and then going to paint our pumpkins and the Fall Festival at Grace’s elementary school for a fun night with friends… and I only have the 2 kiddos, so it was super easy and awesome!

Moby always finding shade when the temps were staying hot in the FALL…


Grace teaching herself some gymnastics – back walkover, now front walkover… she can do it all — but she does NOT stay on her feet – she is always turning upside down, bridging, doing hand stands… cartwheels, round offs….. whew– she learned a lot from just watching Kennedy – the neighbor.  Then we have Lila learning to ride her bike all by herself!! She has not been interested in the balance bike, and since James comes around on his trick bike she has been getting on her bike with training wheels, but the bike has seen better days so she tilts when riding it… and well, Mommy was getting impatient when we rode our bikes to the playground and Mommy just took them all at the basketball court and told her to ride her bicycle… well, Lila took one look at me and basically said, “challenge accepted!” And that brave little toaster just started riding! She could only do left hand turns for a while, but she just started riding after like 4 pushes from Mommy. Sure, she crashed, but she would quickly assure me that she was ok and that she wanted to keep going… man, 4 1/2 years old… she is a bad ass 🙂 Summer decided too that she wanted to start climbing up all the stairs at the playgrounds, which means Mommy can no longer sit there and watch her eat wood chips or play in the sand, but keep up with her running around everywhere! Whew!



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halloween for sqwearts: mermaid, jasmine, flash and care bear

Enjoying our time trick or treating with neighbors Makayla and Kennedy and also James… so it was a big crew getting around most of the neighborhood… even with my 3 and 4 year olds… they were all-stars… we stayed up WAY past bedtime in the other side of the neighborhood and then Daddy came back to get us in the golf cart after hanging with Mr. Jonathon handing out candy… and they surveyed their loot… and Mommy gave them 5 minutes to each as much candy as they could… Grace strategically eating what she could and Lila, of course, talking through it all just enjoying the colors and looking through it all. They were exhausted, but it was an awesome night!

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Payal ATL weekend

Needing to spend some time for her birthday with my friend from my first day of 9th grade year… Payal Patel… she was in my homeroom in high school because she and I both had last names that started with P – maiden name Julia Pendergast… so thankfully God put us together to have in each others lives forever. She is seriously like the nicest person I know… sorry to everyone else I know, but she is truly the nicest… she even made goody bags for me to take home for the sqwearts to give them… and a cake… even though it was HER birthday! hahaha that’s Payal! So she went to Emory and I went to Georgia Tech, but it has changed a lot since I loved away in 2005… so I stayed the night in her Atlanta, Ga home and she took me for a tour of the new ATL… beltline, Krog street for lunch, then I saw the HOT DOUGHNUTS sign NOW on… so we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme and then to dinner at the new stadium… which is crazy! She absolutely spoiled me rotten and then I got a good’s night sleep after watching the final episode of Friends that I have never watched… and when we lives together post-undergrad, we didn’t pay for TV so I watched her DVD set and I never finished it… so it was kinda like wrapping up a part of my life to watch that final episode… Man, I missed that girl and her CAKES!

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Cousin Tilly and Aunt Dawn Visit Oct 2017

Aunt Dawn and Cousin Tilly came in town and we got to play outside for a bit with some races… getting them wore out! The cousins who don’t get to see each other very much got a long weekend to play together.. means a lot to this Momma.

Then, for an early birthday gift to my momers, I bought her a photo shoot to get pictures of her girls and their kiddos (without husbands)…



The next day we stopped in at Hillcrest Orchards for some apple picking – enjoying everything but apple picking… riding ponies, petting chicks, goats, cows, cats, etc…. and then riding the zip line, sliding down all the slides, and milking the cow…. but the best part was jumping on the pillow-blow up thing right at the beginning… we could have stayed there and not done anything else – the kiddos loved it!

Them the next day, we took an adult-only day to Kaya Vineyard, thanks to Daddy for taking care of all 5 kiddos while we went out drinking… Dad was the DD and Mom wanted just the girls to hang out… with Dad’s credit card of course (insert thumbs up here). I made my mom break out of her box and try something new…. it was a new vineyard but it had live music which is why I picked it for Momers… she loved it… and the flight of wine didn’t hurt 🙂 hahah

We stopped by the Dahlonega Gold Rush Festival on the way home and ate some funnel cake and Sherry took a cat nap on the way home 🙂 I guess it was a successful day to celebrate an early 71 st birthday in style.

Love you Momers!


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Daddy’s EN Golf weekend and Slumber Party for the cousins

Daddy got to enjoy some time with his boys while the sqwearts got to enjoy some time with their cousins with a sleepover at our house… enjoying some laughs, some play time and little sleep!

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Cumming Fair with the sqwearts

Asher got to participate with some of the rides this year…. since I left for the fair right after school, Grandma took the plunge with me and took on watching over the kids with me. I am so blessed to have an old patient that gave us free tickets and ride tickets for the day so we had a great time and luckily only had to pay for the crazy amount of food we ate!

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GT ADPi Girls weekend

Enjoying some mountain relaxing time in NC with some friends since 2000… catching up, eating some double stuf oreos and drinking some wine and looking through old pictures… enjoying talking about the good old days and making some more memories…getting the old Cloudman 3rd floor back together for a picture of us 5… man… amazing… how has it been 17 years?!?

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Because why not…?

When your son wants to have his nails painted because his sisters’ want them painted… you take a picture, even though he has a meltdown 2 minutes later for you to remove the paint… hahaha


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Montessori Field Trip to Kinsey Family Farm

Enjoying a beautiful day with my middles at the farm learning about antlers and leaves and planting a tree and feeding some massive catfish… we have done this a few times now, but it was a first for Asher… lucky we have a school and a neighborhood close to home that I can join the kiddos as they feed the animals and learn a little bit as well…

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Drive for Drew

Daddy taking a group of his buddies to play in a tournament to celebrate and raise money for Drew Norton, a friend of mine’s son from PT school Christy Norton and her son with leukodystrophy. It was amazing to see some golf, some donations and some love spread around this family. The kids and I left after school to go see them in Athens, GA and give them some love and the sqwearts got to try out some golf lessons.

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