Dawson Wildlife Park Hike with the Grandparents

Taking an afternoon hike on an easy-pathway by the Amicalola River. Lucky that my 70 year old mom and 75 year old dad can still do this with me and my sqwearts. Time keeps on ticking and I’m glad I get to spend a few more memories, a few more seconds together to look at the beautiful world God made for us… with the people that weren’t perfect, weren’t perfect parents, weren’t perfect husbands/wives, but were just what I needed. I hope and pray that I can say and do the right thing for my kids… because who really knows what they are doing.. but we have only a few short years to do life with our family… it goes by so fast… it already is and Adam and I are going on 10 years of marriage, and time keeps on ticking… and we just hope that we are doing the right thing for ourselves, for our kids, for our future…. hope. It’s a strong word…hope. It’s scary and wonderful all at the same time. Just so blessed I have all that I need. Thanks be to God. Thanks only to God… for He is the one that made this all happen. This moment. Thankful for these moments.

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February 2017 happenings…

Finding out where we are going for our Spring Break trip… Disney / Orlando, Florida coming soon!! Yeah!!! 4 kids 6 and under… can’t wait for some crazy!

img_6685 img_6686 img_6688

And Grace lost her first tooth! It had been wiggling for like 3 months… and finally, she was wiggling it with her tongue long enough it came out! Yay!!! My 6 year old is getting so BIG! 2/27/17


What a day!! Grace lost her first tooth and passed her 60th reader to make her on the second grade reading level— and she has done so well! She has been putting in extra homework time at night and wanting to make it back into Mrs. Johnston’s class (who is the gift teacher so she had to go to another teacher’s class from reader 40-60… and now back) but she is realizing that it’s not as fun… because there are no more readers, but getting your own book, and doing critical thinking puzzles and other activities that only 3 other kids are in with her. I am a super proud momma… so proud of not what she achieved, but of her patience and her perseverance.


And I love this one from Valentine’s Day… my co-worker made the headbands and tie… with these precious little hearts on them… LOVE! And Grandma got them the cute outfits — seriously, how adorable are my sqwearts?!?!?



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Lila’s birthday week continued…

Spoiled by grandma with a movie, lunch and ice cream – nothing better than some girl time!

img_6677 img_6678 img_6679

And then American Girl doll cafe with Ya-Ya before hurling at the table and then on the way home… poor thing! She was so excited to go on a date to the mall and though she was sad she couldn’t finish her date, she was still excited about her new pajamas!

2017-02-19-12-30-01 2017-02-19-12-52-08 2017-02-19-13-07-01 2017-02-19-13-07-47

At her school they do the song  as she walks around the sun 4 times as she is 4 years old… and I get to say something special every year she was born and she loves it… this time Asher was in school with her and Grace got to come with me… so Lila loved the attention and loved having her friends and family celebrate her… she is so precious.

2017-02-13-15-18-17 2017-02-13-15-07-49 2017-02-13-14-59-05 2017-02-13-15-03-32

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Lila’s 4th birthday weekend

Lila’s birthday weekend started with her actual birthday on Friday and some yummy bad-for-you cinnamon rolls for breakfast followed by a day of playing with Asher.  Once Grace got home from school, we went to Central Park to play outside and then grabbed some pizza on the way home. After dinner we ate the cookie cake we made Lila for her “real birthday.” Grace even said, “mommy, all these sprinkles we put on here aren’t that good!” and I’m like, “yeah, I know – they are always gross!” Then we gave her our gift – a BOOM BOX! She had no idea what it was… and probably will make fun of us when we are older… but for now, she thinks it’s awesome! She got some Taylor Swift CD’s and they danced/ran around in circles before bed.

Saturday, we had her birthday party at Chick-Fil-A for breakfast… the sqwearts got to play with their cousins and friends, have some chicken minis and of course have some fairy birthday cake at 10am! It was a great time… seeing my big girl play with her friends, make new ones, get a little shy with all the attention when blowing out the candles…she is this amazing little girl… she knows no stranger, has a billion facial expressions, stands up for her siblings and won’t let anyone hurt them, and loves big and hard. She is absolutely amazing.

At 4 her favorite things to do are read books, put puzzles together, play anything “big girl” with Grace and Emma, boss little Asher around, help Mommy with anything to gain praise, make baby Summer laugh and stop crying (I swear she is the baby whisperer) and sing and dance! She likes to play outside, but it isn’t what she wants to do all day long – she would rather be inside – and has a pretty long attention span… so we think this one will be our musical one because she loves to be in front of everyone and can actually carry a tune unlike her parents. Her besties at school are “big Ella” and Katarina – she likes to play “Elsa” with them on the playground.

After the littles took their naps, we headed out to Stars and Strikes and played some games and Daddy won them a huge ball. Afterwards, we headed home with a screaming baby who didn’t get to have her dinner, and put all of my sleepy babies and now another big big girl to bed… it was an exhaustingly wonderful day celebrating my second baby… my little red head…my little Li. Love you, bug… forever and ever…. even if you don’t want to give me hugs and kisses… I will still try every single night.

Height: 38.5 in (25th percentile), Weight 32 lbs (25th percentile)


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50’s School Dance and Mommy’s Friends’ Get Together

Grace’s school had a 1950’s themed dance (in lieu of a Daddy/Daughter dance) that the whole family was invited to… so Miss Nancy watched the little sqwearts and Daddy and I took Grace and Lila to the school for the 1950’s dance. I took the girls to eat Subway (out to dinner for 3 and 6 year olds only includes a place they can get juice and a chips and cookie), and then went dancing with the girls. Well, Grace just wanted to dance with Makayla and Lila wanted to dance with anyone! It was nuts – kids running around everywhere! Luckily our neighbors were there and their kids, and the kids got to do a photo booth and dance around for an hour or so. YaYa made the girls both a poodle skirt and got them the little white shirts to match….they were adorable! I called YaYa on like Monday afternoon and she had them both made within 24 hours! Man, we are spoiled to have her around! Mommy did their hair and makeup and they were so excited. Grace gave Mommy some attitude at the dance, but that is becoming more of a normal thing instead of an exception… yikes… 6 going on 16! We headed home around 7:30 and we went to bed quickly after the girls… it wore us out too!


The next day after Mommy saw a couple patients to make up for not seeing them during the week when I had the stomach bug, I had my Physical Therapy girls over with their families to hang out. Burgers and dogs and a cookie cake to celebrate Treacy’s birthday and all the kiddos got to play and make messes while the ladies talked and sipped wine. It’s always nice catching up with working women about family, life, work…I’m lucky I found these ladies to do life with, even if it’s only a few times a year… we catch right back up on life. Life is really difficult for one of my friend’s right now and I can’t imagine her day to day life, but she showed up… that’s all friendship is… just showing up. It means a lot to me when people just show up.

img_6563b img_6560c

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Mommy’s 35th birthday weekend

Mommy had to work on her Thursday birthday… along with getting over the cold virus that keeps taking over our house… so Daddy brought home a cookie cake so the sqwearts decided to eat a piece with the balloon — full of icing before bed! The next day I had my Friday off, so it was a nice day with the kiddos followed by an afternoon taking Summer’s 6 month photos with River. After the photoshoot, Mommy wanted to do something fun! Chick-fil-A for dinner (always a hit) and then Stars and Strikes for some fun games. Mommy’s fun is watching the kids (and hubby) have fun. But I did make a few good shots in the milkjug game and love watching the sqwearts slice the fruit on the video game thing… it was a great evening followed by an early bedtime.

Then Saturday came around and it was 70 degrees out which never happens on and around my birthday, so we took advantage and met my bestie at the Atlanta Zoo with her 4 kiddos and had fun up until it was Asher’s nap time and he went berserk! Unfortunately, little Ericson wasn’t a fan of the photo when we snapped this shot when we got there.


Cameron and John have Camden (almost 8) and then Holland and Grace are (6), Ericson and Lila are (almost 4), and Eden and Asher are (2)… and then Summer at (6 months)… so they overlap nicely and Camden was really good with crazy Asher. Cam and I have been friends since middle school and traveled to GT together and beyond… so blessed to have a friend for so long. It’s her family that made me want a big family… Cameron is the middle of 5 girls and it was always insane at her house… always busy and crazy and loud… I hope my family has the same craziness!


After we got home from the zoo we met Uncle Zach and Aunt Terese and Emma and Tyler for some pizza and then came home sweaty and tired. Come Sunday, church and some errands with the bigger girls is all I could muster along with playing and walking outside in this beautiful weather. I have never had a birthday with such wonderful weather… the girls kept asking if they could go to the pool – hahaha! I wish! Thanks be to God I got to see 35… even though I feel super old, it’s amazing how happy I am… I have everything and more I have ever dreamed about.

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Summer’s 6 month

Well, little Summer… you can’t stand to be in tummy time, so you can roll from front to back but there is nothing important enough for you to reach long or hard enough to roll back onto your tummy. You like to sit up to see all the action around you, but still topple over when reaching too far, or turning too much to spy on your brother or sisters. You are MUCH louder now… when you  are hungry, you are HANGRY! You are finally sleeping through the night again, since you regressed when you were sick for like 2-3 weeks with your first ear infection. You started in Waumba Land just lately and you are trying to get to 2-2hour naps a day… or at least Mommy is trying to get you to that schedule so I only have to pump once a day when working. You are still smiley and sweet, but you definitely want your momma… Summer knows strangers now and if she doesn’t recognize you, and I’m not right in front of her… she isn’t happy. Even when Daddy is holding her and I walk in… she wants me… and I kinda love that… even though it’s difficult when all the sqwearts are trying to get my attention and I have to hold the baby, it’s nice to still have a little baby to hold. She’s used to the football hold too because sometimes I don’t have two hands to spare… she doesn’t complain… just glad to get to see all the action.

Height: 25.5 in 30% percentile

Weight: 14 lbs, 5 oz 25% percentile

Head Circumference: 16.7 in 50th percentile

These were taken at her 6 month photo shoot when she was 6.5 months old at our house.


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Snow Days 2017

Georgia got to see some snow this year! Daddy went to YaYa and PopPop’s lakehouse for the weekend, so we got to play in the snow while he was gone. Grace could have stayed outside all day, Lila decided she didn’t LOVE being cold, so opted not to go outside for round 2 after naps were taken… Asher liked to eat the snow, and Summer didn’t really have a choice. Moby of course ran his 20 laps in the snow and then wanted to go inside to sleep the rest of the day. In between, the sqwearts got to have a slushy of snow and apple juice.

After church on Sunday, Emma and Tyler came over and brought their sleds and we got to use those and Lila couldn’t get enough of it! That girl is the thrill seeker! Tyler liked to race her going down on the sled as he ran next to her… Emma got in on the races too and Grace took a few turns but was more interested in selling snow bowls to Lila (my little entrepreneur!). Unfortunately, Asher and Summer were asleep during this time so we didn’t get to see them be crazy. But it was a great weekend to play in our 1-2 inches of snow!

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New Year’s Eve with the Pendergast crew

Getting the family together on New Year’s Eve at my brother, Doug’s home in Atlanta. It was the first time in 5 years we had all gotten together. The kiddos are all older and weirdly enough…so are we! I hired a photographer to take all of our pictures so that I wouldn’t have to rely on a tripod to get a good family shot. It was so nice to see everyone and take a little time between chasing children to chat with everyone.


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Christmas Time with the Wearts

Christmas Eve at church with Grandma and Grandpa… and then back home to decorate our tree — so Adam and I decided to get 5 trees this year for the price of a huge 10 footer like we normally get…so we got some smaller ones to get a barrier between us and the next door neighbors. Even though there is no house there now, eventually there will be, and this will give us some privacy… and since you can’t bring a potted plant inside for too long we decided to decorate it and have it inside for Christmas Eve. So we did the 12 days of Christmas ornaments as we sang them onto the tree (a Pendergast tradition) and then Daddy put the angel on and it was really easy being a really short tree.

Grandma and Grandpa spoiled the mess out of the sqwearts… some nerf guns, some swords….and then Santa came after a night with Grandma watching Love Actually with Mommy and Daddy. Lila peaked into the room to find the bouncy house and then spilled the beans to the other kiddos so when Mommy and Daddy found out she did and got upset she got upset and hid in the corner… after her tantrum, she joined the group and opened up the gifts from Santa. Asher just really enjoyed his candy that he asked for from Santa, and the girls got their gifts, but Grace was a little disappointed from the lack of gifts from Santa vs Grandma… but hey, she will get over it. After the gifts, we used the Browns Bridge Church KidStuf materials to reenact the Christ story – Daddy was the donkey, Lila was Mary, Grace was the angel, Grandpa was the Innkeeper,  Asher was Joseph and Mommy was the narrator. It was a great time… remembering why we celebrate Christmas.

After my one patient (yes, I was on call because I was on maternity leave and didn’t have any on calls dates so I felt bad, so I told them I would cover Christmas)… we went to Adam’s parent’s house and had Christmas morning with tons and tons of gifts. I mean tons… Aunt Jen and Uncle Ben along with Ya Ya and Pop Pop spoiled the junk out of our kids!!! These children were spoiled!

So fast forward a week later and Uncle Paul and Aunt Dawn and Cousin Tilly  came from Texas and stayed with us… we took our parents out to dinner to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in Dahlonega. We went for a horse drawn carriage ride after waiting an hour…but worth it… to see my mom’s face… she was so happy. It was freezing, the kids were bundled up, but we sang Christmas carols and looked at Christmas lights… she loves it and we love it because she loves it. Uncle Paul spoils these kids so much! They love his attention to dig dinosaur bones out of clay and hours upon hours in the backyard playing.

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