10 year anniversary trip without the sqwearts

Our 10 year anniversary trip to Dominican Republic.

Well, it wasn’t easy for me to leave the sqwearts… serious mom-guilt happening… I had never left them more than 2 nights with both Adam and myself gone…and then no more than 3 nights with just one of us gone… so thanks be to my parents who stayed at our house and took care of all the sqwearts and Miss Nancy for taking them in 2 days, and YaYa taking them all for another day… we are so lucky to have a village to make this trip even happen!

Since it was my brother and sister-in-law’s 10 year anniversary too, we decided to go together to an all-inclusive (because I had never been to one) vacation that was adults-only. We had to go the week after the original plans due to Hurricane Maria, but we were able to go and not lose any money with flights and the stay. The golf course was damaged and there was a portion of the adults-only resort that got damaged so they actually put us in the kids-allowed section, but they made that section adults-only temporarily for us couples wanting to get away from that environment… and noise. We unfortunately were unable to sleep in, but enjoyed watching the sunrise most mornings… and not HAVING to get out of bed… unless we wanted to.

Then we started to get in the groove of relaxing…well, I did… Adam was ready to relax when he boarded that plane… watching movies while I worked on my continuing education courses and crying about missing my babies. We started off the first day with relaxing, but not going to the pool as we were a little late and it was a little chilly and overcast… having dinner and enjoying some drinks! Adam turned into a gremlin the first night… this was the nickname BOTH Adam and I earned after about 10pm, we turned into gremlins with bad attitudes… since, ya know… we are not used to day-drinking… I don’t think I have ever drank before 7pm unless I was at a vineyard…so yeah, I’m not too good at it!

Then the second day was beautiful weather… it was sunny every day after that first half-day when we got there… so it was perfect. Pool football using the same football Zach and Terese bought on their honeymoon, meeting some other couples mostly on their honeymoon, relaxing by the pool (which was crazy to bring only sunscreen, a towel and myself to the pool, and nothing else!!!), playing some pool, then heading out for some dinner to celebrate the anniversary…meeting up with Z&T at the casino. But after some shots that were terrible and a terrible decision, we ended up back at our room by 10pm, after I turned into a gremlin… yep, ooops.

10 years later… still wearing the same dress (insert thumbs up!)

Third day, after a calm and long breakfast with a lot of mimosas, we decided to try the paddle boarding that Adam has done and loved, so we all tried… and none of us were a big fan except for Adam, but hey, we tried…but that was a lot of work! We went to the non-adults-only side for the swim-up bar but decided we liked the adults-only side after that…hahah, just too many people and too many kids. Every day I called the sqwearts (and Grace made me promise to call twice a day – which turned into a terrible decision – one of the sqwearts cried every single time I called – so never again will I promise that many calls a day!).  We hit up Hibachi for the night, but couldn’t speak to anyone sitting near us as they all spoke Russian or Spanish… so Adam was the only one responding to the cook, so he got the special award and got to help cook the food. Michael Jackson show after dinner, but Adam turned into the gremlin that night… as you can probably see. But Z&T were way better at controlling their drinking that we were – as you can tell by the cute picture I got. Then getting dolled up and going to dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant and then to play pool… which again, I turned into a gremlin… making it another earlier night… I swear, we couldn’t ever make it to the dance club because it opened at 11pm! I mean, we are losing our game.

Day 4, more games – attempting to teach Terese how to play chess, but she lost interest and went back to the pool… going to the beach when the boys took a nap after all the morning festivities and drinks. After his nap, we went to the kid side and played on the slides and I kissed a frog and got a prince…

We got a massage… pics from 10 years and ago, and now!

Day 5… pool side, relaxing… Adam relaxing a lot with his 3 hour nap, so I took to the beach and then to the market down the beach for getting our sqwearts some souvenirs. Then off to our last date night to the Italian restaurant  with Z&T after some fun pictures that only take when you have been drinking all day long… oh, and when you’re married to Adam. We had to stop by the American sports bar to watch the Vikings Thursday night game and we finally made it home without any gremlin activity.

10 years, then and now…

Final day, early morning breakfast, I lost at mini-golf,  doing some last minute slides at the pool with me recreating some Ariel on the rocks without the great perky boobs though…and getting some time with my man on the beach for just a little bit longer. Then we were off… back to life and back to the sqwearts.

10 years ago and now…

So that’s a wrap! 10 years of marriage and even though we might become gremlims at 10pm, at least we do it together! I love this man and he loves me… what more can we ask for?


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Asher’s birthday week

Starting it off with a Chick-Fil-A birthday party with family and friends hanging out with some breakfast nuggets and then some birthday cake… lots of gifts and an hour in the playpen. I’m pretty sure Lila was more excited about Asher’s gifts than he was at the time, but he has come to enjoy them all – once the girls allowed him to play with his own gifts! My favorite little man turning 3… can’t believe it… but then again, I can. He can talk very well, when he’s not whining… he’s potty trained during the day except for at school where he has the most accidents (normally he pees on his pants or underwear when he is sitting on the school potty  and not tucking it down appropriately) hahaha… and he wants to do everything his sisters are doing, he naps at school but we can’t get him to take on at home, so whatever – it just means he goes to bed on time and wakes up later than 5:30am to get his cereal bar! He used to stutter more, but that has gone away for the most part, and he hates it when his sisters interrupt him, which you can imagine, happens a lot!

Then onto his actual birthday on a Monday when it was family night and they had extra special stuff – like the Home Depot building where they made some frames and a picture box. Grandma and Grandpa came to help Mommy who was there by herself until Daddy got off work, and we closed the special festival thing down… taking home a very tired official 3 year old boy!


Height: 36.5 in (25th percentile)

Weight: 30 lbs, 8 oz (37th percentile)

And I leave you with some of the highlights of having a boy…

You’re welcome.

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August and September 2017

Just hanging out at the pool almost daily, going to the lake and playing around the house… sqwearts getting bigger by the day…

Having the annual Sigma Nu GT family get together at our house, then our old Small Group come up for some fun with all the kiddos, and in onto Labor Day at Lay Lake with Adam’s mom and dad – enjoying some cousin time and some lake time for the end of the season

Then showing off Grace and her achievement: High Flyer for Being a Respectful, Responsible, Problem Solver — that a girl!! Proud of you girl!

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Total Eclipse of the Heart with my sqwearts… well not a total one…

I wish we had driven to the places nearby that were going to be a total eclipse, but maybe next time… in the meantime, it went dark enough for the lamps outside to turn on.

Grace got to have fun with her bestie at school, Makayla.

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Summertime = Pooltime and Laketime and Hangtime

A little pool time every now and then, sometimes catching the neighbors at the pool for a Friday night hangout while all the kiddos swam until they practically fell asleep…then the girls first sleepover at a friends house… it was supposed to be at our house, but Kennedy got scared, so Lila and Grace stayed overnight at Kennedy and Makayla’s house instead… going to bed by I think 11:30pm – Oh lordy!

Then the dress up clothes fashion show… with Asher wearing the girls fashion Batgirl… so that made me realize we needed some boy dress up clothes… Ooops!

Summer throwing some dinner on Moby, but Moby not minding it one bit. Grace has been teaching Lila school and pretty much how to read… so she got a report card from her teacher Grace. Lots of unhappy faces because that’s what we’ve got a lot in this house as well as happy smiles. Getting our basketball on, Daddy got some legos for Lila as a gift but regretted them once he had to put the teeny tiny thing together, Miss Payal visiting and reading our bedtime story, the sqwearts all went with me to a memorial service for a late patient who was near and dear to my heart… so bringing some sqweart joy! Then we had a pool day at YaYa’s pool with the slide and diving board… totally fun!


Having dinner with my long-lost brothers… of course I made them pay 🙂 August birthday for my dad celebrating at the lake with Grandma and Grandpa where we tried to have Grace learn to ski with my old yellow skiis …. she gave it a good 40 minutes before finally giving up, saying that she just had too much water up her nose… poor thing. Daddy and Uncle Zach getting some long lost JR’s for breakfast after church one Sunday…

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First Days of School 2017

Grace with her 1st grade teacher Miss Scheyer

Saying goodbye to our Sierra – our Nanny for the summer – the sqwearts loved her, even though Summer looks a little questionable in this picture…


Lila and Asher off to school at the Montessori Children’s House of North Forysth for another great year!

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Tripod weekend

My parents were out of town so we took over their home for a night to hang out, relax at the lake and have a few drinks at Monteluce Vineyard for a nice night out with my girls from college – we called ourselves the TRIPOD, since we were the 3 that were always closing down the bars… and I, of course was the DD home. We had a great time and will continue into our 30’s and hopefully 40’s… so heck yeah!

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Hilton Head Weekend Away

We are mooching off another to have some time away… this time was Adam’s boss who owns a condo at HHI and let us use it for a long weekend.. so we packed up the kiddos and headed out to the beach!  Some beach time with some beach naps, even some down time for Daddy to have a beer and Mommy to sit down for a bit. Then some time at Sea Pines playground, dinners and ice cream… and I took the 3 bigs to the top of the lighthouse. When they were listening to some children’s music, Lila walked away from where the 3 bigs were sitting and luckily a sweet mommy found us… poor girl was really sad, but luckily we turned it into a learning lesson that we have gone over again and again…if you get lost, look for a Mommy… so luckily she did.

Grace and I went to the pool while the others rested and she nailed learning how to dive – so proud of her diligence to whatever she wants… she will work so hard to do the thing she wants to do… and I’m lucky enough to have a girl that likes to spend the extra time with me. Love my family and love that we can make this time for each other underneath God’s beautiful earth.

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Fourth of July at Lake Lanier

Some skiing and s’mores and fireworks at Grandma and Grandpa’s house… no sleepover this time, so we came home to give the old people some time to recuperate. We got Grace off the skis that were connected to the ski and she had to hold the rope – so it was challenging but she worked at it for 30 minutes and got it!  One our way home the first night after we went out to eat, we went to the Dawsonville outlet mall to ride their little makeshift fair.. ended up raining on us, but it was nice and cool because of that – thankfully! After church we went back for more day 2 for some skiing and swimming and food. We basically get spoiled everywhere we go… we are super lucky to have such great parents that spoil us and spoil our kids.


On the actual 4th of July, we decided to hike up a very small part of Suwanee Mountain with all 4 of the sqwearts and only had one injury that was luckily fixed with just a band-aid.

Then ended up the day at the pool after the afternoon rain and some playing in the rain…

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Summer is one!

My delightful, smiley little head has turned one. My littlest sqweart has now become a toddler. She started walking (11 months) right after she started crawling which was a little late to the game (10 months) and she hasn’t looked back. On her actual birthday she had an ear infection because she’s the 4th kid and has picked up all the diseases and viruses from the other three kids that will build her immunity…but poor thing, she can’t catch a break– I  mean, she has had strep and NONE of my other kids have had strep! But alas, she is still wonderful… might need some more holding and loving when she’s sick, but still loves to watch her brother and sisters…

She loves to walk now, and carry around objects while she’s walking… and also take anything out of her siblings hands and then scream bloody murder when they don’t hand it over so Mommy makes them give it to her…Oh, and she knows when she is throwing food over her table…and when yells at her to stop it, she knows I’m mad and then she looks at the other kids around the table to see if she can, in fact, keep doing what she’s doing, or if she needs to stop. Group mentality – see what Mommy can take before she gets really mad! She’s still a mommy’s girl though.. needs some Mommy love if I’m near her. I can’t say I hate it… since I created it, she snuggles with me and loves on me… I had to create it since the other sqwearts didn’t need it from me, unless they’re sick or scared, etc.

My baby doll is grown up – a milestone… ONE!

Height: 28.5 inch  (25th percentile)

Weight: 18lbs, 15 oz (35th percentile)

Head circumference: 17.75 in (50th percentile)
Her birthday party was the weekend before her birthday with just close family in attendance and she did not love it when we sing the birthday song to her. She loves cake and ice cream but try to touch the lit candle and that did not work out so well. Unfortunately she was sick and had to take a nap during the party because she woke up super early that morning. Turns out it was an ear infection…poor bug!

Did I mention she has eight teeth and 2 molars? that’s a total of 10 teeth at one year old!   I am weaning her from the boob but since she is sick and has been nice to be able to quiet her down and calm her down with a little bit more breast-feeding.

She loves the water – tries to pull herself out of the floaty and still too small for the puddle jumper… and hates the life jacket… so yeah, a challenge! She loves some cottage cheese and cheerios and will eat most veggies like her big sisters and brother do…especially when she is really hungry… when Mommy forgets that I didn’t feed her, she reminds me with a loud wailing! She’s great with a sippy cup and a straw cup… so she is ready to get all grown up! So sad for Mommy… but love seeing her personality shine through.

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June is HOT!

Meeting up with some old pledge class ADPi from Georgia Tech friends at the Piedmont Park with their families…

Relaxing at Grandma and Grandpa’s when Daddy is out of town – well, not really relaxing, but going to Hibachi, sleepover, then lake day with skiing and swimming…I know Mommy is super tired. Then some pics of the swim lessons and hanging out with my PT girls and their families at Chick-Fil-A, and also showing off how my sqwearts help me with folding the cloth diapers too… man, it helps to have a little off my plate.


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Memorial Day Weekend at Lay Lake with all the Wearts

Spending a three day weekend with the family with a lot of eating, sleeping (for the dogs), gardening, swimming, running, skiing and fishing…

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May Daze

Hanging out with a grandma date to the movies and lunch and frozen yogurt… sqwearts being crazy at home…

Big Canoe weekend with the family where we got to take them ago back to where we got married 10 year.. playing in the sand at the lake where we had the rehearsal dinner, running around near the playground we had no idea existed when we got married, and then doing some chores and reading when we got home…

Daddy’s 36th birthday celebration with a date night with some friends and bowling

Grace and her Kindergarten during their performance and her “solo” that she got to introduce the pledge of allegiance… and then Daddy playing

More birthday festivities with dinner Adam’s family…Jim ‘N Nicks and Stars and Strikes with some scratchers to end the night…

Grace’s Kindergarten Field Day


Taking my mom with me to Augusta so she can visit with her friends while I see mine… and since Summer is still on the boob… she gets a free ticket to come along! Stopping by to see Jenn Moore’s new place with Chris, and also having some crazy shenanigans in the hotel with my baby Summer. Saturday was Cara’s baby shower in Augusta and visiting with the girls from high school – the circle reuniting!  Also Then Mom and I stopped in Athens to see Christy and Drew

Mother’s Day at the church, seeing all the changes around us with all the homes being built, pool days with the neighbors, meeting Grace for lunch on Friday with all the kiddos…

Grace designed her class’s book over and this was the page that she wrote… they all had to write something that makes them SUPER! She sure is!

Going to hang out with some friends and their families to hang out and go to their pool…. Justin, Prem, Lindsey and Cameron and I have been friends since early high school, if not earlier… so we try to get together and do life every now and then.

End of the year presentations and parties and performances for Grace in Kindergarten and Asher and Lila at the Montessori school. So proud of my little ones: Lila was the award for BOLDNESS, and Asher for ENTHUSIASM … Grace won the Spectacular Student award.


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to keep the blog, or not to keep the blog…

that is the question. we ran out of storage space because i’m an idiot and uploaded too big of files with the pictures, so do we spend $250 a year and keep it up instead of the $50 we were, or let it go… a part of me wants to keep it up because it has become like a scrapbook and diary in one… and then I see how perverts are using kids pictures to post nasty things…and I have a public blog… so maybe just make it private? I mean, who is really reading this thing anyways? I don’t even know if my own mother gets on here… so, what do you think? keep or let it go?

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School Pics for the Montessori Kids

Gotta love some school pics where your 2 1/2 year old son refuses to smile…but your 4 year old redhead is so adorable…

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10 Year Anniversary Photo Shoot

So Adam and I made it to 10 years!! Whew! With a 6,4,2 and 9 month old, one really patient and obedient dog, a gorgeous house that fits our family perfectly, two jobs that we like most of the time because I mean really, they are jobs… but we survived!

I wanted to go back to Big Canoe, GA where we got married and take the little sqwearts with us to recreate some of our pictures from 10 years prior…Get ready for some cuteness!  We spent the night there and I took the girls around and ended up side-swiping a parked car… yep, Adam wasn’t surprised that I’m an idiot… I like to only hit parked or immobile cars… I’m talented. But we finally got the sqwearts to sleep and then sat outside on the porch listening to another wedding that was occuring at Big Canoe Chimneys that same night and we had our glass of red wine with my breastfeeding tank top on and Adam had his Chestatee Elementary shirt on… both of us proving that we are lame, yes… but also parents now… but loving being those parents and lucky that I still love my husband and he can still stand me… for 10 years and going strong… a new chapter with growing kids in a new house… the journey continues! Our marriage is challenged because of these new roles of parenthood, and it has been hard to put our marriage over parenthood… and we have failed a lot, but luckily we get perspective every now and then taking some time for just us…God has seriously blessed us so much… sometimes we look at each other at night laying in our bed, him playing with game on his phone and me watching HGTV, glass of boxed wine in hand and we say to each other that we can’t believe how good our life is, we are so completely happy and thankful that the Lord has given us this many years that are so good!

Bride 2007/2017